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Custom Tours & Destination Management in Italy

For Groups of 24 to 100 People...

If you are putting together a group, what can be better than the magic of Italy? We put the same effort and care into our destination management services as we do on our scheduled itineraries. Each itinerary is completely customized based on your group's style, size. and budget. Whether you are putting together an incentive group, a religious pilgrimage, a wedding, or other group tour, we specialize in designing unique 'out of the box' experiences from group cooking competitions in the hills of Tuscany, to wine-making and olive harvests. From weddings in majestic castles to unique archeological digs. From Gladiator training in Rome to gondola races in Venice. From private after-hours visits to the Vatican and private audiences with the Pope, to a day spent in an ancient monastery learning the Gregorian chant.

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Travel Clubs

If you are part of a travel club that tours together, let us know if you are interested in an Italy tour that will change the way you see touring. We will develop a custom itinerary for your group to meet the budget, and we can often meet with you to present the trip to your group and make it all happen. The person that presents the tour will be your host from the time the tour is presented, through all of the reservation management, pre-trip Q&A, e-mails, phone calls... and that same person will be your host on the tour.

Incentive Groups

Imagine sending your group for a day of Gladiator training in Rome that ends with a team battle to the finish. How about a day of touring Florence that includes a treasure hunt, or a day of off-roading or horseback riding in the hills of Umbria. Imagine having museums open up after-hours just for your group, or holding an event in an 11th century fortified castle. Picture a day on a private boat, sailing the Amalfi coast and around the island of Capri... or flying in hot air balloons or helicopters over the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Imagine a day of harvesting olives, followed by an evening at a country farm with an antique olive mill pressing the olives your group picked today. Perhaps a day of harvesting grapes, followed by an evening grill while working an ancient wine press.

All of this and much more can be put together for your group. All the while, every last detail is handled behind the scenes with dedicated group management, logistics support, etc. Our mission is to make it happen, and make it look effortless.

Student Tours

So many student educational tours are little more than glorified sightseeing tours. We believe you learn more by doing, so we organize rich experiences that others simply cannot arrange. While others are doing sightseeing tours of ancient Rome from behind the railing, we take it a step beyond and bring our groups to remote, little-known Roman ruins that they can be a part of. The same holds true throughout the country.

Your students can learn to make cheese with local shepherds. They can learn basic Italian cooking in the countryside. They can learn Italian while doing. They can learn photography or painting while learning the ancient Roman and Etruscan history of the scenery they are working with. They won't just visit historic castles, but they will sit down and meet the royalty the castles belong to.

We can organize art showings for art students, performances at local festivals for school bands, troops and squads.

We can do so much more than this. Just ask, and let us amaze you. The students will come back having had a trip they will never forget, and having not only learned history or their subject of interest, but they will have soaked in the Italian culture in a way that others simply cannot. They will grow and become far more cultured citizens of the world as a result.


Like everything else we do, we are very skilled at arranging unique 'once in a lifetime' experiences. So when you look to us to organize a religious pilgrimage, we want to really make it something truly special. When in Rome, this may include everything from private after-hours visits to the Vatican museums where you can really get a sense of it all without the pushing and shoving of crowds of tourists, to a Papal audience and mass in St. Peter's Basilica. Of course, all of the standards are available, such as visits to Assisi, Montecassino, San Giovanni Rotondo, etc. But we'll mix it in with a day spent among monks in an ancient Tuscan monastery, where we will have a lunch together and learn the Gregorian chant. Or trips to remote missions where we will break bread with the locals and experience their way of life.


If you have a group that is looking to organize a retreat in Italy, we can put together some truly incredible trips. Consider the possibility of a Yoga Group practicing in breathtaking forests, or with the Tuscan countryside as a backdrop. Or for your unique organization, consider the possibility of combining group events and meetings with amazing cultural experiences and sightseeing in the Italian countryside. The possibilities are nearly endless. Think it up and ask. We'll be happy to help.

And More....

  • Would you like a tour for 50 people throughout Italy that builds up to a fantastic wedding in a medieval castle in Tuscany? We do that... and assist with all the wedding arrangements.
  • Would you like a company retreat at a villa on the Amalfi Coast with activities and excursions surrounding it? We do that... and handle catering, technology support and more.
  • Would you like a tour of Italy's major sites for your choir or orchestra? We do that... and help secure venues for them to perform in.
  • Would you like to arrange a pilgrimage tour for your church group? We do that... and arrange an audience with the Pope, as well as stays in ancient monasteries, visits to sacred sites and more.
  • Would you like to arrange a special tour for your art or photography students to paint or photograph the most stunning Italian sites? We do that... and arrange local experts to come along, plus provide logistical support for needed materials.
  • Would you like to plan a family reunion in the place of your family's ancestry? We do that... and help you locate your ancestors & reconnect with local relatives while there.
  • Would you like to combine a tour in Italy with a Mediterranean cruise? We do that... and help you plan the cruise. If you desire, we'll even provide a guide for shore excursions during your cruise, plan events on the cruise, and much more.

Any Questions? Write us and ask by clicking here, or call us at +1 (321) 426-8880.