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Planning for Our Soriano Vacations

Should I bring my cell phone?

YES. Read for more info...

I will be staying in Rome the night before our Soriano vacation starts. How do I meet the airport shuttle?

How to get to our airport pickup or train station pickup if you are already in Italy

What if my baggage is lost by the airline?

How we will help you out of a bind...

Do I really need travel insurance?

We do everything we can to help our guests understand how importnt travel insurance is. Please read this to get a full understanding with which to make your decision.

Will I find my medications in Soriano?

Pharmacy info and guidelines in Soriano

What train should I take to get to the Orte Train Station?

Detailed description of how to get to our afternoon pickup at the Orte train statioon for our Soriano vacations

Internet Access in Soriano

Opportunities for Internet access you will have while on our Soriano cooking vacations

Is there laundry service in Soriano?

How to do your laundry when you are with us in Soriano

Do I need Converters or Transformers?

Make sure your electronics work when you are here.

Banking, Credit Cards, Cash and Travelers Cheques

Everything you ever wanted to know about making sure you have money in Italy.