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Ami and Jac - Napa Valley - California, USA

"This was a trip of a lifetime" ... I found the true meaning of "l'amore di cottura"
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This was a trip of a lifetime, 2 weeks in Soriano with the benefit of having Michael and Paola to help us plan our triip before we left the Napa Valley, and having Carla and Rita here when we arrived in Soriano. A year ago when Jac and I started talking about what I wanted to do for my 50th birthday, I said I wanted to go back to Italy and take some cooking lessons from someone who would provide me with the true spirit of Italian cooking. We pre-planned menus for 5 lessons and at the time they were only words on a piece of paper. After cooking with Carla each time I found the true meaning of "l'amore di cottura" (the love of cooking), and I will take that spirit home with me to pass on to my family and friends!

- Ami and Jac
Napa Valley, California - USA