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Tim and Robbie - Baxter - Tennessee, USA

"This was a "true Italian experience."... We really felt at home when we walked through town..."
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Michael & Paola,

You were right. This was a "true Italian experience." We loved the town, the language barriers & the many, many wrong turns on the roads. This was the experience we were after, Carla and Rita were great. The restaurants were beyond great. We made many side trips but spent quite a bit of time in Soriano. We really felt at home when we walked through town & stopped at the store to buy bread, another store to buy porchetta, another to buy fresh flowers, another to buy fruit, another to buy cheese, & so on. It was great. I'm really glad we were here about 3 days before we discovered Bar Roma. I think we have tried every pastry they make two or three times. Wonderful. It sure is going to be hard to get back to our morning oatmeal. And what will we do for supper?

We would love to come back again, and bring friends next time. Thank you for sharing your apartment w/us.

Tim and Robbie Huddleston 
Baxter, Tennessee - USA