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This is such a difficult question to answer. Every time of year is amazing in its own way.


Late April through June is beautiful and warm, but not overly so. This is perhaps one of the best times, as The Amalfi Coast is a major tourist attraction for Italians and other Europeans, but they don't usually take their vacations until August, so this time of year is beautiful, and the crowds are not quite as bad.


Summer gets pretty crazy on the Amalfi Coast, as not only all of the foreign visitors are here, but Italians flock to the area as well. On the flip side, there are wonderful festivals and fireworks this time of year!


September is the late part of the shoulder season, making it a perfect time to really take it all in. As you get into October, it starts to get a little cooler, so we don't do our Amalfi vacations after October.


What was once a bustling seaside area with wonderful life and activity, falls asleep in the winter. As such, we avoid the winter season.