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We are often asked to define this as much as possible, as people are accustomed to "all inclusive" not really meaning "all-inclusive". In our case, it really does, but of course there is a limit.

To put it simply, you can very easily never pull your wallet out from the moment we meet until the moment we say our good byes. It is paramount to us that we have no financial relationship with you when we are together... we are family. So there are no extra options, added fees, upgrades, etc.

What's Included:

Arrivals & Departures
We will pick you up at the Naples airport or train station (based on our shuttle schedules) and bring you to the villa. There are no extra fees relating to this transportation so long as you arrive in at the designated pick up locations by the shuttle schedule time on the itinerary.

On the final day of our time together, we will take you to the Naples airport or train station in the morning.

It is all included. When you arrive at the villa, there are no optional extras or hidden costs whatsoever. We will simply check you in and give you your keys. Before going to your room, we will show you some parts of the property you will need to know. We'll then leave you to rest up for a while before we get started.

Food & Wine
We will have breakfast right outside under the pergola overlooking the ocean. In all cases, it is complimentary.

Every day lunch will be either the result of a cooking class, a restaurant while we are out on excursions, or a lunch break while boating. It is all completely included. Every lunch is something special. We pre-plan all of the menus with the restaurants because we go to places that are not made for mass tourism... the good places. You can rest assured that every meal will be phenomenal, and your only complaint will be that it is too much. Wine is always on the table, of course, and it is all part of the all-inclusive pricing.

Every night dinner is like lunch. Always included, and always something special.

The wine served is generally local Amalfi wines.

We do have what we define as a 'soft limit' on wine at the meals. Simply put, it is 1/4 bottle of wine per person at lunch, and 1/2 bottle at dinner. We don't really monitor this, to be honest. We have never actually enforced this limit, but it is there in case one day we have someone who thinks that he or she can order a dozen bottles of $1,000 wine on us :-).

In addition to the meals, in-between snacks are sometimes included, and sometimes not. The simple rule is that if we list it on the itinerary, we include it. So if we say that we are stopping for Gelato one afternoon, that means we are paying. But if we are walking down the street and you run into a place to grab a gelato for yourself, that one is on you.

Cooking Classes
Everything about all of the cooking classes is included in the price. The food, the classes, the teachers, the transportation... everything.

When we are not cooking and eating, there is always something going on. We'll go on sightseeing excursions, winery tours & tastings, etc. Everything about all of these things is included. We provide all of the transportation & guides. We pay for tickets required for any entrance fees we incur. We pay for the winery tasting & tours, etc. It is all included in the price you pay in advance.

What's NOT Included

If you read everything above, it should be obvious this this will be a short section. Everything you read below will seem pretty obvious to just about everyone, but it is important to be perfectly clear.

Pre/Post Tour Travel
We don't pay for your airfare or any transportation that you need to get to the Naples airport or train station before we meet, or to get FROM the airport or train station when our time has come to an end.

Everything is completely included with respect to the accommodations, but if you break something, the villa management will charge you.

Your villa room may have a mini-bar. Anything you use in the mini bar will be charged to you directly by the management.

WIFI Internet access at the villa is included in the price. However, if you use the phone in your room for any calls, the management will charge you directly based on their rates.

Food & Wine
As explained above, it is all included within limits. If we are having dinner tonight, and the wine on the table is a Tramonti, but you are dying for Brunello, we'll arrange for it (if they have it), but you will pay the restaurant for the Brunello. The same goes for food. Our meals are always huge and they are the best the local area has to offer.. always. But if we are in a restaurant having Pesto Trapanese, and you are just craving a Florentine Steak, as long as they have it, go for it... but they will bring you a bill for the steak. This is simply a time management issue for us... If everyone is ordering different items for multi-course meals, it becomes impossible to manage the order, and the small restaurants are not set up for it... so we discourage it. Still, this is an issue that has never come up, but we have the policy in place just in case.

Other food that is not included is anything between meals that is not on our itinerary. For example, you walk into a pastry shop while we are on an excursion and get yourself a bite to eat. Don't bring us the receipt. Like everything else, this is just never an issue. We won't leave you much opportunity to say you are hungry ;-).

Cooking Classes
We can't think of anything that could possibly be excluded from the cooking classes. That is, unless you are hoping to take home kitchen appliances :-).

Our excursions are always planned out in detail, and everything is included. However, if there is something that has a price, and is not part of our plan that you want to do, it is not included. For example, if we have shopping time set aside in Positano, and you choose to use that time to visit a museum on your own, you are responsible for any costs associated with entrance to the museum.

On the subject of shopping, any purchases of a personal nature (gifts, souvenirs, etc.) will be at your expense, of course. How's that for being detailed? That said, we always remain very unbiased about these things. We maintain a strict policy to make no special financial arrangements with any vendors, so we will never encourage you to purchase a certain wine, for example.

In Italy, tipping drivers, guides, etc. is customary but not mandatory. Our guides, chefs, driver, etc. all happily accept tips, but they are never expected. We have seen guests leave huge tips for our staff, and we have seen guests leave no tip at all. Either way, both of those guests are equally appreciated.