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Mary and Erica - New York, USA

"The past week has been an introduction to family we never knew we had"
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When we planned our trip to Italy, we thought we were taking a vacation, as we sit here trying to seclude 12 lbs. of (fragrant Italian formaggio), 6 bottles of wine, dried "tourist pasta" (according to Spartico) and various other treasures we acquired along the way, we realize that this was not a vacation at all. The past week has been an introduction to family we never knew we had. We were embraced by an entire village with warmth, kindness, curiosity and friendship. From the moment we drove up and were met by Carla and Rita we felt like we were home.

We bonded immediately with our partners in crime: Terry and Katie and Sue and Macka. We embarked on the greatest adventure of a lifetime - we laughed, we cried tears of love for the wonderful memories we will always have of our time in Soriano.

There are no words to express to Michael and Paola how much we are thinking of this experience. They are so special, so open, so kind, so loving -- I dont truly have the capacity to describe what their welcoming warmth and incredible hospitality has meant to us. They are a very special couple who complement each other perfectly and from that magical combination have created something sthat is almost inconceivable but has changed our lives forever. We feel like we have family in Soriano and are already checking our schedules to find a time to return.

We love you Michael and Paola and our love and thanks we leave with you until we return to your paradise.

- Mary & Erica - New York - USA 
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