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Tagged with: 2011

Mita - Los Angeles, California, USA

"Thank you, Culture Discovery for an amazing week! Words can't describe the experience I had!"

Wendy - New York, New York, USA

"It was even better than I hoped it would be. You really do feel like family."

Betty - Cape Coral, Florida, USA

"Like you said on your website, it felt like I was with family all week"

Nathie - Sarasota, Florida, USA

"Words cannot describe this week!"

Tracie - USA Military, Stationed Abroad

"Who would've known I could discover the best European Adventure with a simple Google search?!"

Kham & Melissa - Northbridge, Massachusetts, USA

"We will never forget the experience, especially the Family we all became."

Mandy - Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

"When I booked my trip my expectation was not all what I experienced... This has truly been an awesome and wonderful 7 day journey."

Angie - Tallahasse - Florida, USA

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart... I will remember you all forever."

Mariette - Johannesburg, South Africa

"This will not be the last visit to you - that is for sure!"

Wayne - Gauteng, South Africa

"As a male non-cook I was very apprehensive. But it has been brilliant."

Loie & Mike - Arlington, Virginia, USA

"Michael & Paola your hospitality is so warm and welcoming and your "crew" is just great!!!"

Steve & Cathy - Vancouver, Washington, USA

"We ate, we drank, we laughed and at the end of the week... we cried! ... This has been the most AMAZING way to celebrate our marriage!!"

Cori - Sacramento, California - USA

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you - you are all so lovely and I wish I could stay!

Gary & Kay - Tumbarumba, New South Wales, Australia

"We have been to Italy several times and this has been our most memorable."

Marika - Johannesburg, South Africa

"This week was beyond my wildest dreams!"

Morgan - Hancock, Michigan, USA

"Thank you, Culture Discovery for an amazing week! Words can't describe the experience I had!"

Carol - Liverpool, New York, USA

"I've dreamed about it for years and you made it a joyful experience."

George & Dena - Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

"We have been to Italy several times and this has been our most memorable."

Kersh & Judy - Goodlettsville, Tennessee, USA

"Words describing the week on the web site made the week sound fantastic - BUT - they did not adequately describe our experience! An amazing experience!."

London - Houston, Texas, USA

"It doesn't get any better than this!"

Sian - Johannesburg, South Africa

"I've had the week of my life!!! ... I'll definitely be back!!"

Luanne - McFarland, Wisconsin, USA

"This is not the last you've seen of me!"

Dave - Cypress, Texas, USA

"Thank you for making my 1st experience in Italy my best vacation ever"

Mandy - Salem, New Hampshire, USA

"Thank you for being my family this week. It is difficult to define my amazing experience here."

Carmen - Mexico

"I cannot thank you all enough for opening your hearts and souls (and hands) to us and allowing us to share this all with you"

Vivica - British Columbia, Canada

"There definitely will be a "3"peat!!"

Judy - Lake Worth, Florida, USA

"MILLE GRAZIE!!!!! for the most amazing week of my life."

Jilene - Simi Valley, California - USA

"your hospitality & love radiates in everything you do and I'm blessed to have been a part of it!"

Denise - San Ramon, California, USA

"This has been a trip I will never forget."

Barbara - Houston, Texas, USA

Thank you for opening up your gracious home to a group of pellegrini in search of "la dolce vita".

Nancy - Warren, New Jersey, USA

"I feel as if I have found my true home & will be returning to foreign land.!"

Dean - Thousand Oaks, California, USA

"you have truly captured the essence of travel. It is not about seeing the sights. Rather it is about experiencing the people, culture and living of the people. Your trip encapsulates the Italian experience."

Gina - San Ramon, California, USA

"It felt like familiga the minute we arrived! All of you have gone above and beyond to make me & each one of us feel so special"

Dave & Susan - Goodlettsville, Tennessee, USA

"Our week here was everything and MORE than we expected."

Kristine, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"I am not sure how I will be able to go back to my "regular" life without reliving this experience EVERY day."

Dean & Debra - Thousand Oaks, California, USA

"The warmth, generosity, hospitality and adventures were indescribable. To capture the feeling with words is impossilbe. Mi Familia that extends across the continent. It was a brilliant experience that we cannot wait to reminisce over."

Irene - Simi Valley, California, USA

"I have been dreaming about this week for 6 months! I cannot put into words what this experience means to me."

Vicki & Lavonne - Columbia, Maryland, USA

"We feel we have touched a bit of heaven during this week."

Rocky - Los Angeles, California, USA

"In a word - "I can't begin to thank you enough for making such a profound impact on my life."

Susan - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you for not only fulfilling my dream wish, but for offering so much more - as you open up not only your home but your arms and hearts to us."

Danna - Sammamish, Washington, USA

"You truly feel like family in some heart-felt way, I came home. This week fulfilled a life-long dream "

Tom and Andrea - The Villages - Florida, USA

"we feel like we are leaving family" ... "this past week was so much more than we ever expected" ... "Thank you for making this vacation absolutely wonderful"

Katie - Centennial, Colorado - USA

"You exceeded my expectations in every way."

Maria - Tampa, Florida, USA

"Thank you all for making my vacation be one in a lifetime!!... This is/was an awesome experience especially for someone who was travelling solo."

Susan - Santa Barbara, California, USA

"It was more than I could even imagine it was going to be."

EJ & Bob - Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA

"Thank you so much for providing a wonderful time for my husband's birthday celebration."

Pearl - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

"You and all your team promote your efforts with love from the heart."

Lori - Hanna, Indiana, USA

"This has been the best time of my life."

Jackie - Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you for a perfect wee taste of Italy!"

Scott and Kelly - Cambridge - Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for an unforgettable week! You both put your heart and soul into making our 25th anniversary trip one that we will never forget"

Leslie & John - Amarillo, Texas, USA

"You & your marvelous team have given John & me an experience above & beyond any expectation."

Pearl - Alhambra, California, USA

"This was the best vacation ever."

Jessica & Ryan - New York, New York, USA

"We are already planning our next trip back!"

Jane - St Paul, Minnesota, USA

"My perception on Italy is forever changed because of you and your awesome family"

Judy - Sacramento, California, USA

"Thank you so much for a truly wonderful (full, full, full) week."

Marna - Johannesburg, South Africa

"What an experience! It exceeded my expectations 100 fold."

Rosemarie - Simi Valley, California, USA

"Thanks so much for an amazing experience with you guys. We are family!!"

Cathy - Ontario, Canada

"This has been the most amazing vacation"

Bill and Mary - Mahomet - Illinois, USA

We love you all like family and look forward to visit #3.

Erin & Dustin - Erie, Colorado, USA

"Thank you for an unforgettable vacation - this was obviously the best way to REALLY get to know Italy"

Sally & Bill - Hancock, Michigan, USA

"There are not enough words to tell you ALL how wonderful this week was because of ALL of you!!"

Sapna - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for hosting the best trip of my life"

Susan and Lynne - Seattle & Arlington - USA

"...we'd like to thank you both for welcoming us into your home. You were gracious, attentive & entertaining! We look forward to continuing our new friendships..."

Indre - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for your amazing hospitality, warmth, generosity and love. You two are truly special. Grazie! Grazie!"

Deana - Tempe, Arizona, USA

"Can't say enough about the most wonderful experience."

Brook - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Had a remarkable time! Will be taking the experience with me everywhere I go!"

Brian & Sharon - Bethany - Ontario, Canada

"Of all the places we've ever visited, this is one place we'll come back to again and again.."

Kelee - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"Wonderful people, incredible food... wine flows like the river Nile..."

Russell & Nicole - Houston, Texas, USA

"This has been beyond amazing and we had very high expectations. You've exceeded them all!"

Devi & Pitamber - St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, USA

"Thank you for a very wonderful week - it's been more than we expected."

Brian & Becky - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"...loved, assolutly loved this trip. It encompassed everything we ever dreamed of"