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Questions About Our Norcia Cooking Vacations

Why have I never heard of Norcia?

What makes our primary location in Norcia a Hidden Treasure

My Husband doesn't cook. What is there for him to do in Norcia?

Many guests come with spouses that are not interested in cooking. This article explains what it will be like for them.

Details on our "All-Inclusive" policy in Norcia

Detailed description of what is included in our pricing

Is there laundry service in Norcia?

Laundry service is available to guests in Norcia. Read for more info.

Will I be staying near shops, cafes, etc on my Norcia vacation?

What you will find in walking distance from the hotel in Norcia

What will the accommodations be like on the Norcia vacations?

How does a 16th Century Palazzo converted into a Relais & Chateaux resort Sound? Read on...

Is Norcia Safe?

Answers to safety-related questions on our Norcia vacations

How much time is spent on a bus on our Norcia vacations?

A general idea of how much time you can expect to be on our bus

What does a typical day look like on a cooking vacation in Norcia?

A walkthrough of a typical day on our Norcia Cooking Vacations

What is the best time of year to visit Norcia?

What it will be like at different times of year

Why do you limit to small groups?

We keep it small and unfortunately sell out quickly...

Can you put me in a room with another one of your guests so I can avoid paying the single supplement?

This article describes how we organize guests that have expressed a desire to share a room with other guests they don't know in order to avoid paying the single supplement.

How does the Waiting List work for Sold Out Cooking Vacations?

We will never charge you a deposit until we guarantee you a space. Read for complete details...

Do I need to be a good cook?

No you don't.

How many people will be in our group?

14 to 18. Read on for more about our group size limits.

Can a non-participating travel partner stay in my accommodations?

Yes they can. But you should read on for the details...

Why are there so many more weeks for the Soriano vacations than the others?

Why our calendar shows more weeks in Soriano than other locations.

Is there a discount for non-participants (not cooking)?

Simply put, no. But there is a solid reason. Read on...

Can I follow a kosher diet on your vacations?

Information for people keeping kosher.

What is the minimum age for travelers on your vacations?

About the minimum age requirements for guests on our vacations

Why are the Alumni Weeks so much less expensive?

Once you have been with us, you are very special to us. We reward that. Read for more details.

Can I book only part of one of your vacations?

That is actually a little complicated. Read on...

Do Solo Travelers feel comfortable?

Many guests are worried that they will be out of place if they come alone. Not the case at all. Read on for more details...

Should I worry about the Mafia?

Not at all, but

Will the price change before I pay the balance?

No. We lock in our prices when you pay your deposit. Read for more details.

Do I need to speak any Italian?

Solo se vuoi lavorare son noi (Only if you want to work with us) - Read More :-)

Why is there a single supplement charge for solo travelers?

Why we charge an extra fee for people traveling by themselves or staying in accommodations by themselves

Do you cater to vegetarians?

Vegetarians, yes. Vegans... that is a little complicated...

Is Culture Discovery Reviewed on TripAdvisor?

Yes. Read on on to see our reviews

How do I book and pay?

Read on for details of our various booking and payment options

How do I choose between the different locations?

A series of questions and answers that can help you choose whoch of our trips is best for you

Do your cooking vacations include airfare?

No, but that is about all we don't cover. Read more for details...

Can you help me with travel plans before or after our time with you?

Yes. We can help you extend your trip.

How do you celebrate special occasions?

Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

Can I extend my cooking vacation with Culture Discovery?

Some guests wish to do back-to-back itineraries with us. Read on for the details...

What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

Information about deposits and refunds for cancellations.

Is July and August a bad time of year for Italy?

Many people have heard that July and August are bad months to visit Italy. Here is some info on that.

What is the price of your vacations?

Our pricing is listed on our calendar, and on each itinerary throughout the site. For more details, read on...

Why would I attend cooking classes, Cooking isn't my thing

What makes this an AMAZING vacation for non-cooks as well!

Will there be downtime during our vacation?

This article answers questions that relate to how much downtime there will be during time with us

How much money will I need?

How much money will be needed beyond what is already included...

What time of day do activities begin?

The time of day that we begin depends on what is happening on a given day, but is usually around 9AM. Read for more detailed information.