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What To Expect On Our Norcia Vacations

Will I find my medications in Norcia?

Info on finding pharmacies on our Norcia cooking vacations

Is there room service in Norcia?

Room Service Questions for our Norcia Vacations

What other tourists will I find in Norcia?

You will find mostly Italian tourists. Read for more info...

What kind of nightlife is there in Norcia?

Details about nighttime activities in and around Norcia

Are my Norcia accommodations in the same place as the cooking classes?

Where our cooking classes are in relation to the accommodations

Who Teaches the Cooking Classes in Norcia?

Information about the chef teaching our Norcia classes

Should I bring my cell phone?

YES. Read for more info...

Is there laundry service in Norcia?

Laundry service is available to guests in Norcia. Read for more info.

Internet Access in Norcia

What kind of Internet access you will find on our Norcia cooking vacations

Will I be staying near shops, cafes, etc on my Norcia vacation?

What you will find in walking distance from the hotel in Norcia

What will the accommodations be like on the Norcia vacations?

How does a 16th Century Palazzo converted into a Relais & Chateaux resort Sound? Read on...

Is Norcia Safe?

Answers to safety-related questions on our Norcia vacations

How much time is spent on a bus on our Norcia vacations?

A general idea of how much time you can expect to be on our bus

What does a typical day look like on a cooking vacation in Norcia?

A walkthrough of a typical day on our Norcia Cooking Vacations

Are the accommodations air conditioned?

Yes. All rooms we stay in are fully air conditioned.

What is the best time of year to visit Norcia?

What it will be like at different times of year

How will motion sickness affect me?

Read this if you suffer car sickness.

Do people outside of our group join the classes?

Who you can expect to see in the cooking classes

Will people speak English ?

English speaking people you will encounter

Can I use my ATM card in Italy?

Using an ATM card in Italy

Should I worry about the Mafia?

Not at all, but

Is there an iron in our room?

Unfortunately, no. Read on to understand why and what to do.

Is July and August a bad time of year for Italy?

Many people have heard that July and August are bad months to visit Italy. Here is some info on that.

Do I need Converters or Transformers?

Make sure your electronics work when you are here.

Why would I attend cooking classes, Cooking isn't my thing

What makes this an AMAZING vacation for non-cooks as well!

Banking, Credit Cards, Cash and Travelers Cheques

Everything you ever wanted to know about making sure you have money in Italy.

Will there be downtime during our vacation?

This article answers questions that relate to how much downtime there will be during time with us

How much money will I need?

How much money will be needed beyond what is already included...

What time of day do activities begin?

The time of day that we begin depends on what is happening on a given day, but is usually around 9AM. Read for more detailed information.