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Anneli - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

"Thank you all for making this an experience I will remember the rest of my life! Simply amazing."

Cindy & Eric - Wheaton, Illinois, USA

"Thank you all for a fun-filled week and for making us all feel more like friends than tourists."

Marion & Liza - Queensland, Australia

"Talk about dreams coming true. Thank you so much to the Culture Discovery team"

Catherine - Woodland, California, USA

"I have dreamed of this vacation for a long time. You more than exceeded our expectations. "

Gerri & Al - Oxnard, California, USA

"Remarkable how life awards one with new, shiny jewels - Culture Discovery is a treasure chest of a marvelous variety of these gems."

Brock, Candy & John - New Maryland, New Brunswick, Canada

"Over the top!! Good company, wonderful food, beautiful country."

Julie & Sally - Newport Beach & Orange, California, USA

"This has been the trip of a lifetime, and has exceeded our expectations"

Ken & Tammy - Sugar Land, Texas, USA

"We have had a wonderful experience with our new friends...We will never forget our journey."

Judi - Midland City, Alabama, USA

"Thank you for this incredible experience to learn & love your cultures. Everyone has been so good at their job, that I often forget it was your job."

Adrienne & Jack - Ventura, California, USA

"Our short time here was not nearly long enough. Forever would not be long enough."

Bev & Mike - Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you for reminding us of how special it is to have the blessing of being able to explore other cultures & meet wonderful people from around the world."

Amber, Olivia, Paul & Kimberly - Long Island, New York, USA

"The cooking classes were so much fun & I learned a lot about the recipes."

Katie - Orange, New South Wales, Australia

"I have had a wonderful time and will never forget my time in Italy."

Robb & Vicky - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Truly an amazing week, starting out as strangers at the beginning of the week, and ending up as friends all sharing a love of cooking."

Jo-An - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Keep doing what you are doing - it's a formula for success for you"

Rich & Terri - Aurora, Colorado, USA

"Keep doing what you are doing - it's a formula for success for you"


"This was a week filled with exceptional magic moments "

Nicki - Stuart Park, Northern Territory, Australia

"It's been a wonderful time - better than expected (and that's saying something)"

Sierra - Key West, Florida, USA

"I would have never dreamed of having a vacation as wonderful as this"


"You have perfected the art of entertaining & service in a casual atmosphere"

Melissa - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"I may be 10 lbs heavier but I won't regret it for a second!"

Traci - Gunnison, Colorado, USA

"I have never liked cooking until this class!"

Melanie - Saugus, California, USA

"I have never eaten so much delicious food in my life! What a great blend of cooking and sightseeing."

Donna - Wrentham, Massachusetts, USA

"I've learned so much about cooking, met new friends, and enjoyed every moment. You will all be in my heart forever"

Sandy & George - Ankeny, Iowa, USA

"I had dreamed about this trip for so very long and felt that it could not possibly live up to the expectations - how wrong I was!"

Jenna - Oakhill, Virginia, USA

"I had an absolutely amazing experience this week. I was able to experience a lot in a very short time."

Susan - Crown Point, Indiana, USA

"I feel like family and I know I am always welcome."

Adriana - Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA

"I don't have the words to thank you for all you have done for us on the trip."

Kallie - Brooklyn, New York, USA

"I can't believe such a fantastic team of sweet, talented, smart and funny people have found each other & created this amazing adventure"

Mary - Seattle, Washington, USA

"I appreciated the chance to see Tuscany on a more personal level. Thank you for sharing your love of your country, food, ...everything."

Rick & Cyndi - Palm Coast, Florida, USA

" You guys are special in ways you can never imagine."

Nancy - Crown Point, Indiana, USA

"Had an amazing time! Everyone was wonderful."

Phyllis - Stoney Brook, New York, USA

"Had a wonderful time - you all spoiled me"

Kathy - Sayreville, New Jersey, USA

"Loved the cooking, shopping and sightseeing."

Michael & Michael - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

"experienced the Italian way; enjoyed the friendship & camaraderie"

Mark & Jen - Concord, New Hampshire, USA

"Thank you for making our experience unforgettable. We look forward to our next Italy vacation."

Elisa - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Thank you all for making this one of the most memorable trips of my life!"

Catherine - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Such wonderful food, wonderful wine!! ...great tour guides. A great group of people -couldn't ask for anything more. "

Charlene - Gainesville, Georgia, USA

" I felt welcome from the very first moment...everyone was great. I'll never forget you all."

Mary Beth & Joe - Middletown, New Jersey, USA

" We had fun learning & cooking, laughing & drinking."

Leali & Toni

"Thank you for our wonderful family wedding ceremony and for welcoming us into your beautiful home!"

Tony & Andrew - Oatlands, New South Wales, Australia

"Thanks for a great memory and the most memorable way to celebrate with great company"

John - Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

"Fantastic week, great cusine, touring around & best of all the personality of your people"

Ralph - Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA

"Will never look at Italian food or Italy in the same way. Wonderful food and wonderful people."

Jill & Mike - Carmel, California, USA

"It has been a slice of heaven."

Carol - Lutherville, Maryland, USA

"I have learned so much more about your warm Italian culture and the food experience is one that cannot be duplicated."

Kevin & Megan - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"It truly was a family experience and a cultural discovery!"

Vilean - Portland, Maine, USA

"Thank you for opening your home to us, making us feel at home in Soriano and giving us a memory filled week"

Carolyn & Ron - Kalispell, Montana, USA

" We felt at home all week and will carry the warm feeling in our hearts for years to come"

Susan - Princeton, New Jersey - USA

"What a wonderful week - it far surpassed my expectations."

Sue & Parker - Damariscotta, Maine, USA

"Your hospitality and warmth made this Welsh woman & German man feel like honorary Italians!! "

Maureen - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"You made my dream of seeing & living Tuscany a reality! "

Lydia - Merceville, New Jersey, USA

"I never could have imagined this experience would have made such an impact."

Ann Marie - Havre de Grace, Maryland, USA

"Thank you for memorable experience. Loved it!!"

Brenda & Tony - Coto de Caza, California, USA

" It has been a very different but authentic experience and one we will long remember an share with our family and friends."

Daun & Jack - Gold River, California, USA

"The week has been wonderful, good people, good food and many unforgettable experience."

Jen - Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA

"This will be a trip I will cherish in memories forever."

Gary & Diana - Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA

"Our trip turned out everything we hoped it would be."

Carole - Barnet, Hertfordshire, Great Britain

"The new family that we created all together will stay in my heart forever - such an opportunity is very rare and should be treasured."

Emeran & Charlene - Greendale, Wisconsin, USA

"After 2 years of following you on your website, Em finally got to live his dream of meeting you and enjoying your wonderful Culture Discovery Vacation week"

David, Kirby & Vincent - Los Angeles, California, USA

"Thank you so much for giving us an amazing vacation that we will never forget."

Sheila & Don - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

"You have all made us feel comfortable, have educated and entertained us superbly"

Laura - Miami Beach, Florida, USA

"many thanks from the bottom of our heart for creating an environment of beauty, joy, friendship and...full tummies!"

Catherine & Jack - Moorestown, New Jersey, USA

"This week has been more wonderful thank we could ever have hoped it would be - simply unforgettable."

Jill - Darnestown, Maryland, USA

"This has been an AMAZING week in Soriano with your team and our new friends!"

Jen, Frank, Alex, Ben & Muriel - Hamden, Connecticut, USA

"Thank you for showing us Italy in a unique special way - taking us off the beaten path & allowing us to live & eat like real Italians"

Janet - Hampton Bays, New York, USA

" What a fabulous experience this week has been sharing life stories, travels, food & wine"

Lynn - Pasadena, Maryland, USA

"Thanks so much for making my dream come true - of a REAL Italian cooking vacation!"

Tania & Jenny - Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

"Thank you for one of the best holidays we have ever had!"

Pattye & Al - Irving, Texas, USA

"Learning to make pasta was a treat and the best food we've eaten in all of Italy."

Hollie - Irving, Texas, USA

"I had a wonderful time! Thank you for everything"

Ed & Denise - Columbus, Georgia, USA

"We learned, we laughed, we shopped, and we ate - way too much - but it was soooo good!!"

Courtney, Charlotte & Michael - Dacula, Georgia, USA

"..have thoroughly enjoyed our time with all of the wonderful Culture Discovery team members."

Amy & Bea - Port Jefferson, New York, USA

"I will feel the warmth of the Soriano sun on my skin long after I have returned home"

Carl & Cyd - Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

"We will leave with full stomachs and great memories. "

Melissa & Deborah - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Thanks for giving us a unique and wonderful taste of Italy."

Tom & Karen - Hertford, North Carolina, USA

"Best week ever!!! Our group was great, the food and wine super, touring awesome, and the crew here fantastic!!"

Dana & Amy - Homestead, Montana, USA

"Best of times! Thanks for everything."

Mike - Nutley, New Jersey, USA

"Your team is amazing & they made for a fantastic experience."

Elaine - Newington, Connecticut, USA

"An unbelievable week. More everything than I ever expected"

Donald - Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane, Australia

"Thank you all for a wonderful experience!"

Don & Laural - Birmingham, Alabama, USA

"A most unforgettable week; everyone is so wonderful"

Michelle - Riverside, California, USA

"'There's no place like home' That is how I feel, If I could move here, I would."

Eva - Greenwich, Connecticut, USA

"Everything was just super!!! I shall remember and treasure my memories forever."

Bob & Sandra - Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

"Norcia a perfect choice. Thank you for all the hard work which we know goes into making this a fabulous, seamless vacation"

Marina - Dundas, Ontario, Canada

"You all made my first experience traveling alone...amazing!!"

Angela & Rob - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

"Loved every minute! Everyone so happy & friendly. Great hosts!"

Kathy - Naples, Florida, USA

"What a perfect trip!! Great food and so much fun. I really appreciate all of your attention to detail."

Sally - Ft. Myers, Florida, USA

"'What a fantastic week! Thanks to everyone for making it the most memorable & fun experience"

Laurel - Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

"Wow! Loved every minute of this trip. The food, the hotel, the wine, the people."

Suzanne - Warrington, Pennsylvania, USA

"Words cannot describe how fantastic this week has been! It far exceeded my expectations. This will be a tough trip to top!"

Susan - Clive, Iowa, USA

"Words can't describe the experience we had. We are truly blessed to have such trip."


" The weather! Great food! Bountiful wine! good fun."

Mike & Morrisa - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

"Wonderful people, wonderful setting, wonderful food and wonderful fellowship. This has been a fantastic week"

Tiffany - Midlothian, Virginia, USA

"I will forever cherish the memories you helped us create."

Patricia - Surprise, Arizona, USA

"Whole experience was a one in a million! Would recommend to all who love good food, wine and the beautiful Norcia area"

Malinda - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Everyone has been so friendly, helpful, and thoughtful - all of the activities so perfectly planned - all of the food so amazing"

Dan & Cheryl - West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA

"This week is more of visiting friends and experience all their passions and love for food, wine, olive oil, cheese and pork."


" This was a trip I have been thinking about for many years. I did not know what to expect but all I can say is that it exceeded all of my expectations and then some."

Ebony - Des Moines, Iowa, USA

"We had gone to Soriano and it was a beautiful experience so I had the highest hopes for Sicily. Well once again I was blown away"

Joe - Des Moines, Iowa, USA

"When I heard that you were going to be our tour guide I knew that this was going to be fun and it was.."

Robert - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

"What can you say ... you need to experience it! The people, food, wine are as a package a tremendous experience"

Barb & Darcy - Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

"We are 'foodies' and came away with so much information & great experiences that we are sure to be back!"

Cecelia - Alexandria, Virginia, USA

" Everything was superb! The hotel was lovely, the food absolutely incredible and of course the whole team made every day spectacular for us."

Iain & Ginger - Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

"Great food, fun & we now feel like family. An incredible way to experience Amalfi."

Neil - Clarksville, Tennessee, USA

"you guys have a great team and I look forward to many more trips in the years to come"

Anonymous - USA

"What an amazing trip! Good food, good friends, and memories that will last a lifetime."

Cheryl & Carl - Hammond, Louisiana, USA

"Lots of great cooking tips, way too much wonderful food and probably more wine than necessary. Thank you CDV for a terrific experience!"

Daisy - Reno, Nevada, USA

"What a wonderful week in Italy! You have exceeded my expectations"

Ryan & Melissa - Woodbury, Minnesota, USA

"Norcia was amazing as were the hotel staff. The cooking was fantastic. What a generous group of people here in our newly adopted hometown of Norcia."

Jeana - Austin, Texas, USA

"What a wonderful way to celebrate my 50th! Great new friends and old"

Janet - Boca Raton, Florida, USA

" It was truly an unforgettable & amazing experience! The fishing, salt flats, cooking classes & especially the welcoming home dinner!"

Pam - Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

"What a wonderful time exploring Norcia and Umbria! CDV does such a wonderful job of making us all feel at home"

Nirupama & Frank - Portland, Maine, USA

"What a trip! I felt pampered and cared for, instead of responsible for everything."

Annie & Tommy - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"What a memorable trip to the exquisite Amalfi Coast. The week was filled with new friends, fabulous food and cultural discoveries!"

Jenifer - Glenwood, Maryland, USA

"We have been taken care of from the minute we arrived - no worries, no cares - and being exposed to the most amazing things you could think of "

Lisa - Dallas, Texas, USA

"So happy to have been part of the 1st CDV Barolo adventure! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful area!"

Kathy - Vail, Colorado, USA

"What a great week - food, wine, sights, friends! We must do this again!"

Vanda - Laval, Quebec, Canada

"Went with my gut feeling once choosing on the net and made a great choice. "

Barbara - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"Norcia is amazing and the people are so friendly. This has been an unbelievable week."

Bob & Cindy - Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA

"'the trip of a lifetime'. CDV staff has exceeded every expectation"

Ken & Stephanie - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

"You provided us with a trip full of laughs, unmatched views and memories that will last us a lifetime."

Jil & George - Coto de Caza, California, USA

"We loved this week! The destinations were all terrific"

Madeline - Silver Springs, Maryland, USA

"wonderful mix of cooking & sightseeing in a truly beautiful venue."

Penny - Anaconda, Montana, USA

"We had such an incredible experience one of kind week!!"

Rupa - Portland, Maine, USA

"We had such a fantastic time here in Norcia - the trip exceeded all expectations!"

Patricia & Craig - Saratoga Springs, New York, USA

"We had an incredible experience here in Norcia & appreciate all your efforts to make it perfect."

Karen & Andrew - Naples, Florida, USA

"It was fabulous that we were able to meet such wonderful people who opened their homes to us!"

Andrea & Robert - Pasadena, California, USA

"Wonderful people, food, hospitality. We will visit again"

Sal - Clive, Iowa, USA

"Being with family & sharing this experience is a joy!!"

Mary & David - San Rafael, California, USA

"We had a ball! Thanks for everything"

Peter & Jacquie - Exeter, Devon, Great Britain

"we had an amazing week and joined a new family"

Dean & Audrey - Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA

"Wonderful, amazing, stupendous! Words cannot describe how much fun we have had this week!"

Megan - Brisbane, Australia

"This has been a fabulous week of tasting, talking, traveling, trying, trailing and more. Great activities that seamlessly flow"

Ethel & Gary - Frankenmuth, Michigan, USA

"Great planning to give us all an authentic, artisanal experience...just what we expected and wanted."

Phil - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

"The week was fantastic and I could not have imagined the extraordinary evening that capped it."

Adriana - Johnson City, Tennessee, USA

"I couldn't have asked for a better trip!"

Whitney - Monett, Missouri, USA

"This trip has been incredible! The Barolo team has made this vacation exceed all expectations"

Anita & Mark - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

" No detail was over looked, no guest was overlooked -- we were treated just like family."

Lori - Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

"his has been the most wonderful vacation I have ever had"

Carole - Barnet, London, Great Britain

"Thank you so much for your amazing holidays: they are full of love and wonder. Always a surprise around the corner...never boring"

Christina - Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

"From the cooking classes, to the chocolate factory and the visits to Torino and Alba, each experience exceeded my expectations and was special in its own way."

Suzan - Tempe, Arizona, USA

"What an Epic Adventure this has been. I feel very confident in making pasta, pizza, pork, etc."

Marty - Tempe, Arizona, USA

" I am already planning the next CDV trip with my husband and can't wait to see more of Italy. Thank you to the whole CDV and Norcia staff for the amazing experience."

Christine - Des Moines, Iowa, USA

"To another amazing trip in Italy! Cooking, sightseeing, and meeting new people."

Supriya & Sudesh - Burlington, Ontario, Canada

"We both had a wonderful time cooking as well as excursions. You all made us feel so welcome."

Hattie - Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

"Thoroughly enjoyed this week even if I had some difficulty - was treated great by everyone"

Sheri - Loveland, Colorado, USA

"Thoroughly enjoyable week...helped us "discover your Norcia culture"

Phillipa -Durban, South Africa

"So enjoyed the countryside, the food, the tours and very especially the laughter!!"

Jane - Solana Beach, California, USA

"This week has been spectacular. The scenery, the food, the wine and especially the friends we've made."

Geri - Flushing, New York, USA

" Everything about it was top notch and outstanding - the itinerary, the hotel, the cooking and so on."

Valerie & Jim - Waxahachie, Texas, USA

"This week has been a magic experience for me and my family. Everything was perfect!!"

Jan & James - The Woodlands, Texas, USA

"We did not know what to expect & oh my gosh it was the BEST! The friends that I have met on this trip will truly be a part of our family"

Jim - Needham, Massachusetts, USA

"This was was truly a 'cultural discovery' for me. I really enjoyed all the Umbrians I met, as well as the great food & wine."

Lori - Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA

"This was the best vacation ever!! What a blast!! Excellent food, fabulous staff and a week of unforgettable memories"

Jill - North Wales, Pennsylvania, USA

"I have had the greatest time and have felt very welcomed to the group and Italy."

Molly - Des Moines, Iowa, USA

"I made great memories & enjoyed the time with with the family. can't wait for next time!"

Billie - Indio, California, USA

"This was my first experience with CDV and I am so happy that I chose it."

Shelly - La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

"This has been much more than I could have ever expected. I thank you from my soul. Every moment has been treasured."

John - Cadiz, Ohio, USA

"This was has been a unique experience for Lynette and me, for so many reasons - a time we will always hold in our memories and hearts"

Leigh & Lauren - Bradenton, Florida & Duncansville, Pennsylvania, USA

"To be provided with an opportunity to truly experience the Italian culture has been a gift."

Kathy - Tacoma, Washington, USA

"This was a magical week that I will take with me in my heart & memories a long time."

Pam - Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

"This was a fantasy week with wonderful people."

John & Sharon - La Quinta, California, USA

"Loved every minute & will be looking forward to our next time here"

Susan & Frank - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"Our home for the week was charming, the cooking classes and food were fabulous"

MaryAnne & Michael - Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA

"Thank you for your welcoming attitude, wonderful care of all of us and your enthusiasm for Umbria."

Valerie & Joseph - Markham, Ontario, Canada

"This trip was therapy, not just a vacation. Embracing food and those with whom we shared it."

Natalie - Atlantis, Florida, USA

"this was a fantastic trip! It was such a great adventure to share with my mom, sister & sister-in-law"

Alison - Vancouver, Washington, USA

"Highlights - night fishing, DIVING!! Cooking, hiking, viewing tuna factory, BBQ at Nido....How much fun. Truly a trip I will NEVER forget."

Nancy - Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

"This trip was my seventh week and sixth trip with Culture Discovery and each trip was better than the one before."

Eric & Tracy - Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

"The chocolate making was the messiest and most fun.."

Kat - Clive, Iowa, USA

"The natural scenery was absolutely beautiful, the food was exceptionally delicious, and the people were extremely lovable."

Sue - Waverton, New South Wales, Australia

"The cooking, the scenery, the company and the food were totally amazing."

Lee & Darelln

"Keep up the "good time". We will always remember this experience."

Cheryl- La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

"This trip has been beyond anything I could possibly have imagine. Every detail was perfect."

Steve & Terry - Corona Del Mar, California, USA

"we experienced the real Tuscany in a way that could not have been possible if we traveled on our own"

Leslie - New York, New York, USA

"This trip exceeded my expectations on every level...the most important one being a true engagement & caring by everyone who led & participated on the trip"

Teresa - Petaluma, California, USA

"I will always remember these experiences as very special, very authentic and an inside view"

Karen - Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

"This has been such a great week and it was the other guests and the staff that made it so much fun."

Phil - Solana Beach, California, USA

"Have never laughed so much while experiencing a wonderful taste of Italy. This was our third trip with CDV and the best yet."

Kevin & Sharon - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"It is hard to put into words how much we enjoyed everything. This is our second trip and we were lucky to get the best guide, room, driver and guests!"


"It will always be an experience I will look back on with great fondness."

Michael & Diana - Walnut Creek, California, USA

"We will love, remember the food, the wine, and the good times had by all of the group."

Keller - Atlantis, Florida, USA

"This has been a fantastic trip! I've met some great people and highly recommend it."


"This experience was wonderful! The cooking, the fishing, the salt harvesting, and most importantly the new friendships"

Emma - Providence Village, Texas, USA

"This experience surpassed my wildest imagination. I will remember this adventure the rest of my days"

Valerie - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"a fun filled adventure full of many new experiences and lots of laughs!"

Maureen - Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

"This experience has been heart warming. From the moment we landed....we were charmed."

Stephen - Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA

"this is a place that I have come to not only appreciate, but love!"

Tim & Barb - Saranac, Michigan, USA

"Third time with CDV - great class, great food, great wine!"

Ross - Cottesloe, Washington, USA

"There are holidays and there are experiences that transcend the meaning of a holiday - this was one!"


"The words wonderful, fabulous, excellent don't do justice to our week at Norcia and around Umbria"

Joan & Terry - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

"We've had a great time cooking together and traveling to beautiful places."

Jane - Solana Beach, California, USA

"The food and cooking was great, the places we visited were fun but this week was mostly about learning the Italian "culture""

Melissa - Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

"another fabulous week of food, wine, scenery and friendships."

Lisa - Sunnyvale, California, USA

"a superb introduction to Italian culture and hospitality. We had a great, experience-filled time visiting with local producers, and enjoying all the local foods."

Cathy - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"Who knew the Marrone winery could feel so much like home?"

Heidi & Karl - Austin, Texas, USA

"we had the best vacation of our lives! You all went above and beyond to make our stay and travels quite special"
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