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Carolyn & Ron - St. George, Utah, USA

"Thanks for another fabulous week! Soriano - Amalfi - Where to next?!"

Janet - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"A cooking vacation is a wonderful way to get a feel for the Italian culture."

Bill & Jeanne - Lyons, Colorado, USA

"Thanks Culture Discovery for a wonderful introduction to Norcia and Italian cooking. Great experience, fun people, lots of fabulous food and wine"

Ed & Marcia - Tacoma, Washington, USA

"amazing experience. It couldn't have been any better, and will remain in our hearts forever."

Alicia & Rachel - Bradenton, Florida, USA

"an incredible experience. We appreciate the beauty and culture of Tuscany and the wonderful people who shared their stories with us"

Nicole - Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia

"I have met some fabulous people, enjoyed lovely food & wine, and can't speak more kindly of everyone involved!"

Yvonne - Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia

"Thank you to the Marrone family for making our holiday memorable."

Joel & Claudia - Bronxville, New York, USA

"an experience of Italy, it's people, it's wine, and it's food, that we can't imagine having in any other way"

Christine & Rick - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

"The combination of new wonderful friends, great food and interesting sights and activities made for a memorable week"

Larry & Susan - Voorhees, New Jersey, USA

" a lovely and unforgettable week in Norcia. We will cherish our memories of this wonderful time."

Deb - Midlothian, Virginia, USA

"one of the most memorable vacations of a lifetime!"

Kathryn - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

"an absolutely WONDERFUL holiday...Will remember FOREVER!!!"

Tina - Libertyville, Illinois, USA

"Thank you so much Marrone family & Michael for making us feel like a part of your family!"

Rachel - Bradenton, Florida, USA

"Thank you so much for making every day special. My family and I will have such wonderful memories"

Susan - Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

"You made something hard --making a foreign land feel like home -- seem so easy."

Brenda & Chick - Pawleys Island, South Carolina, USA

"It was great getting a real look at Italian culture."

Karen - Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia

"the reason I came back was because I know that when I holiday with you (CDV) it is a true Italian cultural experience. I will be back"

Je Lan - Auckland, New Zealand

"I can't believe how lucky I have been to come so far and ended up with the best tour host anyone could ask for"

Chuck & Sandy - Clearwater, Florida, USA

"Thank you is not enough to express our total delight with this awesome trip!"

Becky & Brian - Canton, Georgia, USA

"You guys seriously know how to make the week fun & interesting for all ages & are so mindful of special needs & requests!"

Leia - Denver, Colorado, USA

"Thank you for the friendship, and sharing the "true" culture discovery of Norcia! :) Once in a lifetime"

Ron & Molly - Williamsville, New York, USA

"Thank you for the best vacation I could have ever dreamed of!"

Stefanie - Buffalo, New York, USA

"Beyond our wildest imagination! We knew it would be good, but our week turned out - Fantastic!"

Kim - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"This was an experience I will never forget and I will cherish the friendships made here forever."

Mark & Tina - Troutdale, Oregon, USA

"Thank you for making our trip so memorable. It takes more than great places to have great experiences; it takes great people."

Alan - Barrington, Illinois, USA

"All you had to do is sit back, relax and amazing things appeared. Whether food, drink, experiences, laughter or new friends."

Vicky & Bruce - Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA

"Thank you for another wonderful CDV experience! There is always something to learn and take home while having a wonderful time"

Mary - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Thank you for another amazing experience. As before everything exceeded expectations"

Brian - Sunnyvale, California, USA

"Thank you for an unforgettable experience!...We'll be back to Italy soon."

Lorraine - Little Neck, New York, USA

"I expected to have a great vacation but this was above & beyond. Perfect!"

Dave & Heather - Craig, Colorado, USA

"Thank you for all the wonderful experience we had this week in Norcia. I truly ate my way through Italy."

Julie, Henry, & Justin - Port Jervis, New York, USA

" Another perfect CDV trip filled with cooking, eating, friends, and our Italian family."

Ted & Cheryl - Santa Maria, California, USA

"a wonderful week - good friends, great food and wonderful wine"

Dan & Diane - Naples, Florida, USA

"Thank you for a wonderful experience in Norcia! The food was great and the tours were terrific."

Robin - Glendale, Ohio, USA

"I have taken several cooking vacations & this by far has been the best!! I will be back."

Engrid - Longmont, Colorado, USA

"another wonderful CDV experience. What a great time, great food and nice new people"

Lesley & Ken - Tarzana, California, USA

"We take with us the love, laughter, joy and new friendships. Your hospitality has made us feel like we are part of the family."

Chris & Maureen - Toronto, Canada

"We loved swimming in the sea off the boat - a real highlight for our week."

Robin, Sandy, JoEllen & Hailey - West Hollywood, California, USA

"We enjoyed the food, wine and Tuscany landscape, oh what a joy it's been to be in Italy. Thanks for the memories."

Jen - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"It was a phenomenal week that I will never forget!"

Tom - Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

"it will be long remembered and treasured. You are all kind, you rocked the Amalfi"

Lynette - Ostrander, Ohio, USA

"CDV are well educated, well trained professionals, not tour guides - the difference shows & we applaud - very strongly"

Nancy & Susan - Osawatomie, Kansas & Largo, Florida, USA

"what a great way to experience the real Italy through your great partners and food and wine."

Laura & Stewart - Elizabethtown, Kentucky, USA

"This has been such a fun week. Almost every day topped the previous one."

Joe & Sharon - Dublin, Ohio, USA

"the most wonderful week in Norcia...Great food, great people, great wine!"

Roger & Teresa - Calabasas, California, USA

"I really enjoyed all of your stories and history lessons and all of your personal experiences. We hope to someday join you again."

Kathleen - Dallas, Texas, USA

" The classes, the trips, the meals, the wine, the folks we met along the way made our time truly special."

Judith - Watertown, Massachusetts, USA

"... made us feel welcome and care for from the first minute. They brought our group together quickly. "

Penny - Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for making my bucket list dream vacation the best ever from beginning to end fantastic!!"

Joe & Lori - Chandler, Arizona, USA

" This is one of the greatest vacations Lori and I have ever had."

Jim - Portland, Oregon, USA

"a wonderful, fun week of learning, new experiences and new appreciations."

Virginia - Madison, New Jersey, USA

"This was an incredible experience. From fishing at 5:30AM to harvesting salt. Loved all of it."

Chuck - USA

"What a special time - how did you arrange the great weather? Good food and friends - really - this truly was special."

Jack & Catherine - Morristown, New Jersey, USA

"The music, the wine, the company was exceptional. We'll have lots of long lasting memories"

Amrit - Portland, Maine, USA

"such a fun, positive, comfortable and easy experience!"

Peter - Placerville, California, USA

"wow, the extended Barolo family - so much fun, food, wine and love!"

Jan - Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia

"the memories that I have made on this trip along with new friends has made this week the best experience of my life so far."

Edwin & Eva - Cupertino, California, USA

"This was a immersive fun learning experience. Look forward to doing this again."

Mike & Morrisa - Kansas City, Missouri, USA

"You have the gift of creating community. Thank you for the wonderful week"

Amy - Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA

"What a lovely land with such warm, welcoming people. The food and wine were worth every pound I have gained on this trip!"

Sherry - Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

"So happy to have been a part of this wonderful FIRST CDV week in Barolo. "

Patti & John - Edmonds, Washington, USA

"So enjoyed getting a taste of Umbria! Enjoyed the cooking, sights, and the atmosphere"

Vladimir - Anaconda, Montana, USA

"Thank for all the great memories & new friends!"

Tim & Barbara - Saranac, Michigan, USA

"Second time around is better! From day one we knew we were to experience another wonderful time with Culture Discovery!"

Doug & Linda - Festus, Missouri, USA

"The week has filled us a zest for life and gratefulness for new friends and a new future!"

Kat - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"Really Really great trip!"

Marj & Mike - Beaufort, South Carolina, USA

"Our week in Chianti was a dream come true."

Michael & Traci - Gunnison, Colorado, USA

"The activities and everything were top notch. We plan to return - as often as we can"

Jane & Frank - Tampa, Florida, USA

"Our trip has been FABULOUS! Thank you so much for helping us have a wonderful week with family & friends"

Billy - Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA

"One of the best ever - thanks for taking such great care of our families."

David - Cypress, Texas, USA

"Once again whole new experience in Italia. You pulled off some fantastic adventures."

Vivica - Powell River, British Columbia, Canada

"Once again thank you for opening your hearts & your home. "

Joyce & Felix - Brenham, Texas, USA

"Of all the trips to Italy, this trip is absolutely our favorite!"

Pat & Bob - Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

"New experiences and new friends made this week more than we expected."

Betty - Ivins, Utah, USA

"My third time! My best time!"

Pearl - San Diego, California, USA

"My heart is full of love for Michael, Paola, Denise and her family. You will always have a special place in my inner soul & heart."

Dawn - Atlantis, Florida, USA

"Could not have asked for more, the perfect blend of culinary experience & exposure to the absolute beauty of Italy"

Arlene - Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, USA

"so many new experiences, sights, and great new friends. This is the best"

Gail - Dubuque, Iowa, USA

"The Amalfi Coast is spectacular but you made it a true non-touristy experience."

Joe - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"My 4th CDV adventure continued the series of stupendous sojourns. It was a privilege and true pleasure to participate"

Dana & Amy - Homestead, Montana, USA

"Must bid farewell to our new family, what a time we had!"

Lynda - Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA

"A perfect week full of love, laughter, and new good friends"

Lisa - Johnson City, Tennessee, USA

"What a fabulous experience! I loved the food & all the excursions particularly the pizza & chocolate classes."

Cynthia - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

"You are all amazing and I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I have made on my CDV Adventures."

Yolie - Whittier, California, USA

"Grazie mille - for a wonderful week in Barolo."

Maribel - Goose Creek, South Carolina, USA

"This was a wonderful experience and one that I will treasure as one of my best memories."

Yolie - Whittier, California, USA

"My love of Italy continues to grow because of CDV & you. I had an absolutely wonderful time in Chianti"

Adam & Anna - Dunwoody, Georgia, USA

"Wonderful staff, scenery and excellente food...we were so fortunate to experience this twice in our lifetime!"

Phil - Solana Beach, California, USA

"thanks for creating such a magical experience that was so much fun and full of laughter."

Sandy - Fresno, California, USA

"I can't find the words to tell you how this week has touched my heart"

Peggy - Naples, Florida, USA

"My philosophy is that nothing is perfect but now I'm rethinking that...You have created a dream vacation and carried it out with amazing skill and caring "

Carrie & Steve - Mount Kisco, New York, USA

"Your attention to detail and your desire to make every moment special has made our time with you in Italy so very memorable."

Helen - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"CDV has made such a profound impact on me....I chose the Sicily vacation without much knowledge of what to expect but just the complete trust that this would be a wonderful experience "

David & Rosemary - Summerville, South Carolina, USA

"a week of food, the history and culture of Soriano and the warmth of the people of Central Italy"

Sheryl - Oak Park, Illinois, USA

"Great time, great people - all orchestration beautifully with grace - I can't wait until next time."

Eric & Claudia - Sonora, California, USA

"You have delivered all Culture Discover promised - we've visited friends that we just hadn't met yet!"

Mark & Maria - Plano, Texas, USA

" Anticiption & expectations were high & CDV exceeded them all. What a wonderful journey"

Pam - Mitunzini, South Africa

"Many thanks for an enjoyable and memorable week in Norcia"

Helen - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"Loved my 3rd trip!...See you in Barolo?? Count me in!"

Ann & Jim - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"We had the most incredible time with the family and hosts."

Paul & Lisa - Tuckahoe, New York, USA

"Lisa & I have concluded that this tour was the "BEST" tour we have ever been on!"

Andie - Columbus, Ohio, USA

"such wonderful food + loving & welcoming staff + openhearted guests full of laughter = a perfect trip"

Elaine - Glenwood, Maryland, USA

"'I am so full' But full of wonderful food, wonderful experiences and full of new memories that I will relive trough photos forever."

Serena & Kevin - Clifton, Virginia, USA

"Kevin & I feel so blessed to have been a part of this group. We will miss you, and look forward to reunion soon"

Chris & Ron - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

"Amalfi was unique & we enjoyed it all & appreciated the culture & the extra kindness."

Casey & Judy - Sturgeon Country, Alberta, Canada

"It was a memorable week. Truly enjoyed ourself and your whole family."

Mona & Lee - Waynesville, North Carolina, USA

"The week has been a dream!! New friends, foods, and wine."

Nancy - Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

"Incredible week of cooking, eating, drinking, exploring and bonding with wonderful people."

Nancy - Norwood, Massachusetts, USA

"If there is a Heaven, I pray that it is exactly like Norcia."

Christine - Needham, Massachusetts, USA

"What a wonderful experience! Our guides...and all the lovely people we met along the way will remain forever in our hearts"

Tina - San Francisco, California, USA

"this experience has given me a greater appreciation for the art of cooking."

Dee - Payson, Arizona, USA

"I'm here with my best friend and have enjoyed my time with you and your family."

Faye - Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA

"We will always remember all of you & this fabulous visit to Amalfi and all the beautiful tours along the coast of Italy"

Frances - Brenchley, Kent, United Kingdom

"such care and great attention to make sure my week in Norcia was one I will never forget."

Joe - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

" Two things stand out - the attention to providing an earnest & honest local experience & the quality of the persons organizing & providing this experience"

Larry - Loveland, Colorado, USA

"This trip surpassed my expectations, great people, great country"

Ann - Lexington, Massachusetts, USA

"I loved this trip because I saw a part of Italy that is so beautiful. The staff were wonderful, the cooking lessons were fun and funny."

Arlene - Stonington, Maine, USA

"Your classes and excursions were magnificent!"

Kathy - Ivins, Utah, USA

"I have never been to Italy and in my wildest dreams could never believe how awesome it was going to be."

Ellen - Westford, Massachusetts, USA

"I have had so much fun - so much good food - so much laughter!"

Genia - Manassas, Virginia, USA

"I have enjoy all the wonderful days on this trip, all the people were so wonderful."

Karen - Solana Beach, California, USA

"What an amazing experience really getting to know this part of Italy and the great people we have met here"

Jo - Auckland, New Zealand

"Meeting the local people and getting to know them was awesome - I will treasure the memories."

Jan - Denver, Colorado, USA

"I had such a wonderful time - eating, drinking, visiting and making new friends."

Linda - Ivins, Utah, USA

"I had a wonderful time! The people have been incredible"

Tom - Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

"I was worried when we came late that we'd be left out, but it wasn't the case. You truly gave my wife & I a special experience."

Jacquie - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I didn't think any CDV trip could beat Soriano, but Amalfi rivaled it!"

Michael - Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA

"This experience was far above my expectations however the real treasure of Culture Discovery is the staff."


"the two of us had a great time and met new experiences head on - we will definitely be back."

Sharon - Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA

"I can't even express what a fabulous vacation this was! It truly was one of the best times I have had!"

Jennifer - Loveland Colorado, USA

"I can honestly say this has been my favorite trip to Europe. Every class and activity was thoroughly enjoyable."

Melissa - Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

"As always the people were amazingly friendly, the classes were great, the food was to die for and the experience unique."

Leah - Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

"The cooking classes, the trips to Assisi / Spoleto / Perugia were educational, entertaining & fun. "

Michael - San Diego, California, USA

"I am extremely happy with my 7 days here with her. I look forward to returning."

Nalani - Portland, Maine, USA

"Thank you so much for an amazing week. truly fantastic!"

Rachel - Bradenton, Florida, USA

"CD was the best trip in all of humanity. It was bomb-tactic. I enjoyed every minute"

Andru & Maggie - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

"Having this culinary adventure on the Amalfi Coast has truly been an experience!"

Patricia & Cynthia - Sequim, Washington, USA

"Have enjoyed this trip tremendously...We feel lucky to call you all our friends!"

Barbara - Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

"Had a wonderful time. Italy has always been on my list. Best vacation ever!"

Delores & James - Yorktown, Virginia, USA

"Each day was more fun than the day before....Every dish was delicious! This was a week we will never forget!."

Christine - Ramona, California, USA

"Another region and another special memory that I will always hold dear to my heart."

Vicki - Seattle, Washington, USA

"Thank you for making us feel so welcome and making each day so special"

Paula - Perth, Washington, USA

" Norcia is truly stunning & you made the week a special one. A lovely group of people & fantastic food & wine."

Betty - Ivins, Utah, USA

"Good fun, good food, good wine & great friends!"

Dennis and Leanne - Acworth, Georgia & Allen, Texas, USA

" We had high expectations and they were exceeded."

Bonnie - Boca Raton, Florida, USA

"wow you are amazing! This has been a life changer!!"

Kathryn & Ron - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

"the most impressive output of our holiday experience has been how the team operates to allow a sense of community to develop."

Lisa - Dallas, Texas, USA

"Each trip with CDV just keeps getting better and better. I feel blessed to be part of the family."

Jack & Dorothy - North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Fabulous private tour of Chianti with great cooking and wonderful wines"

Linda - Denver, Colorado, USA

"Everything I hoped for & more & more & more"

Olga & Faith - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

"We feel we have bonded with Italy, nothing can compare. The cooking classes were amazing and so much to take home to ur kitchen."

Debbie - Yorktown Hts, New York, USA

"This trip was on my bucket list and thanks to you it was perfect."

Annie - Mildmay, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for many special moments & memories, you're amazing."

Jade - New York, New York, USA

"This was the best birthday celebration. You made this week very memorable"

Geraldine - Albany, New York, USA

"While seeing the sights is always great, what really made this trip special was all the warm & fun people we met."

Diane - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

"Everything was wonderful. Every outing, every day, every meal was great."

Theresa - Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA

"I have nothing but praise & admiration for you and will remember you with great fondness, always."

Janna - Yorktown Hts, New York, USA

"This was a wonderful trip only made more special by your knowledge, love of Italy and certainly your sense of humor."

Michael & Barbara - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Our holiday was perfect and so much of that was because of you. "

Susan - Parkton, Maryland, USA

"What a wonderfully relaxing, beautiful & engaging vacation. Umbria & Norcia are very special places "

Stephanie - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Your endless enthusiasm and boundless energy was a source of great inspiration. "

Phyllis - Stoney Brook, New York, USA

"Thank you for a wonderful week filled with fun, wine, food & friendship. You did it again."

Don & Melinda - Forest City, Iowa, USA

"We were worried that our "dream vacation" wouldn't live up to our expectation we had a wonderful week that far exceeded any dream we ever had"

Linda & Kris - Gronton, Massachusetts, USA & Dripping Springs, Texas, USA

"a wonderful week. Everything you did for us was first class."

Larry & Debbie - Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA

"This was a great introduction to Italy: it's beauty & and it's wonderful people and their culture through food"

Arlene - Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, USA

"a joyous trip - full of food, fun, warmth and laughter. "

Gail - South Amboy, New Jersey, USA

"What a wonderful week! So many firsts - and we had the joy and pleasure of sharing them with you!"

Gail - Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, USA

"...has been magical - food, wine, dance, company - a little slice of 'heaven'. "

Nancy - Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

"This is my 5th trip with Culture Discovery and with each trip I love the "CD" experience more, if that is possible"

Shirley & Phillip - St Louis, Missouri, USA

"This has been a cultural discovery that even in my wildest dreams could not have imagined. "

Catherine - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

"Your attention to detail always spells success! You always take such grand care of your guests."

Mayte - Tampa, Florida, USA

" wonderful, superb, amazing trip offered by Culture Discovery. The food, wine & desserts were to die for."

Teri & Mike - Fleming Island, Florida, USA

"Thanks for a great week of Italian food, fun & family in Amalfi!!!"

Catherine & Jack - Moorestown, New Jersey, USA

"Thank you for giving us your hearts this week!! Our memories of this week will never fade."

Nicole - Surfers Paradise, Australia

"The tours, people, food & wine have been wonderful."

Simone - Auckland, New Zealand

"Thanks for a beautiful holiday, amazing food, great wine and just being fantastic!"

Kim - New York, New York, USA

"I enjoyed the entire week of cooking, eating, sight-seeing, laughing."

Kay & John - Brisbane, Australia

"We have spent the most memorable week in the Barolo area, fully immersed in your supremely amazing part of Piedmont"

Chuck & Erin - Custer, South Dakota, USA

"Your warmth, laughter & open hearts will continue to fill my heart with joy!"

Debbie & Robert - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

"Every trip is better than the last!! My expectations are ALWAYS met and then some."

Linda - St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA

"The entire staff was wonderful and made all of us enjoy everything all the more."

Marla - Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA

"Amazing scenery, delicious food and a beautiful place to stay. Lots of lasting memories"

Brett - Tampa, Florida, USA

"Everything you could ask for as a vacation was given to us and much more. What a unique experience."

Mayte - Tampa, Florida, USA

"My heart is always full of great memories that make me wish to come back again again & again..."

Shirani - Cape Town, South Africa

"You have taught us so much about Italian culture & food, and we are thankful to have been your guests"

Mary - Dubuque, Iowa, USA

"Truly, words cannot adequately describe the experience! Everything was magical"

Megan - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I was wowed by the people here and how kind and warm everyone was"

Lauren - Duncansville, Pennsylvania, USA

"Culture Discovery was the bomb. Being only 16 years old, people might think this trip was too advanced for me, but it wasn't"

Hana - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"A fantastic group, good food, educational mini-trips, the historical insights, and the cooking classes made for a real unique experience of my lifetime."

Leah - Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA

"the excursions worth the walk down, and the view from waaay up here worth the climb."

Parker & Jenne - Austin, Texas, USA

" we have had a wonderful week in & around Amalfi."

Sherry - Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

"You surpassed my expectations and I am 100% going to book again."

Sarah - Campbell, California, USA

"Thank you for all of your hard work making our dream vacation come true."

Nicole - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"What an amazing experience!! From start to finish. Not a glitch."

Francesca - Willoughby, New South Wales, Australia

"Cheers to the magic of an environment that allows the building of lasting friendships that cross racial, age & cultural boundaries"

Laura & Bob - Sarasota, Florida, USA

"CDV was on track the entire week in Radda. It was everything I wanted and more!"

Susie - Fresno, California, USA

"an amazing vacation. My expectations were exceeded at every turn."

Robert & Kris - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"At the end of one week, I now have new friends, full tummy, lots of laughter & great memories."

Helen - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"Love the family that you guys accumulate everywhere - very very personal & an integral part of the experience."

Carlo - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"CDV Forever! Thanks to all for a full cultural discovery"
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