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Robyn - Waco, Texas, USA

"Once again you have managed to create an experience that is simply magical"

Daryen - Troutdale, Oregon, USA

"The food was impeccable, the wine amazing (and as promised, flowing) and the people all the better!"

Tina - Troutdale, Oregon, USA

"so glad to have been able to join CDV on another adventure. Love the laughs, the wine, and the memories"

Bob & Laura - Green River, Wyoming, USA

"I am most thankful for the beautiful memories that I will remember all my life."

Jo & Jack - Littleton, Colorado, USA

"Beyond our wildest imagination! We knew it would be good, but our week turned out - Fantastic!"

Sue - Lyons, Colorado, USA

"Beauty, laughter, new friends, simply amazing food, great service, beautiful people. What more could I want from life, Let alone a vacation?"

Kelly - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Beautiful winery, beautiful wine, beautiful family."

Janet - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"Beautiful Norcia, Beautiful people, wine, food & culture!"

Ted & Teresa - Cary, North Carolina, USA

"Ted & I had a wonderful time & really enjoyed our trip. Even with our lost luggage, you all were so considerate helping us in our situation."

Julie - Monett, Missouri, USA

"I was not prepared for this wonderful adventure! It has surpassed all my expectations & beyond!"

Carol - Monett, Missouri, USA

"I really am not a tour person but with such a small group and such wonderful people, it didn't seem like a tour!"

Joseph & Valerie - Markham, Ontario, Canada

"a spectacular week of wine, food, culture and good times. This was our second time and you did not disappoint"

Mary Margaret - Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA

"Fell in love with CDV, the crew, the hotel staff and the area!!!"

Catherine - Boulder, Colorado, USA

" I've been on many tours in many parts of the world and this is hands down the best! The group was great and you pulled us together wonderfully"

Patsy & Jay - Gunnison, Colorado, USA

"As we put the most spectacular tasting pork in our mouths - we bid you farewell & are thankful for a wonderful week!"

Becky & Brian - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"yet another incredible trip - (4th for me & 3rd for Brian!) - Thank you for the memories, the family, the love!"

Helen - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"As I have told you many, many times CDV has been a life changer for me!"

Connie & Andre - Tucson, Arizona, USA & Picton, Ontario, Canada

"As always, the traveling experience is enhanced by the people you meet along your journey."

Ginger & Dave - Sandy Hook, Connecticut, USA

"An experience of a life time. We have a new expanded family."

Judyth - Rockville, Maryland, USA

"the itinerary - the variety of experiences - and the endless wine - were amazing. If only laughing burned all the calories we consumed it would be perfect"

Michael - Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA

"Each experience was very unique yet it all blended together well. It's hard to believe that a life like this exists. Beautiful landscapes, delicious food, and welcoming people"

MaryAnne - Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA

"An amazing adventure! The family atmosphere is enriched through the meals, trips, and shared experiences."

Yulia - New York, New York, USA

"Amazing time! Amusing group of people! Will miss the adventure, so will have to do it again soon!"

Mary Anne - Sydney, Australia

"Can't wait to go on the next CDV adventure"

Michelle - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"CDV Forever! Thanks to all for a full cultural discovery"

Debby & Tim - Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

"We loved being 'loved'! We loved all the other interesting guests we met"

Barbara - Pawleys Island, South Carolina, USA

"What a total immersion into Italian culture - traditions and cooking"

Marla - Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA

"A wonderful trip - loved the pizza making and the chocolate class."

Brian & Sharon - Toronto, Canada

"A wonderful introduction to the beautiful Barolo area...a delightful week of wine and cooking."

Sheila - Pawleys Island, South Carolina, USA

"A week of firsts! Norcia, cooking school, a gastronomic wonder world, beautiful countryside"

Nicola - Brenchley, Kent, United Kingdom

"A truly unique week and a wonderful experience."

Robyn - North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"I will treasure this weeks memories forever!! I don't have the words to describe it"

Linda - Sandy, Utah, USA

"my trip to Norcia full of laughs and memorable moments. It was a great week I will remember!"

Perin & Linda - Okatie, South Carolina, USA

"A memorable trip!! great food, wine and new friends"

Steven & Susan - Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA

"our last night with good food, tradition, singing, cooking and enjoying new experiences could not be put to words in a description of what this trip would offer"

Brian & Sharon - Bethany, Ontario, Canada

"There are now words in English or Italian to thank you enough for the wonderful Sicilian adventure."

Scott - Boulder, Colorado, USA

"My goal of this trip was fulfilled! I came here with the goal to experience something new, find new friends, and relax"

Linda & Stephen - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Please keep all of this happening. It has been special & will be fond memories"

Laurie - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"Wonderful trip! Love the area"

Joann - Brooklyn, New York, USA

"Wonderful time, you succeeded in having us experience the good life in Umbria."

Micki - Sapphire, North Carolina, USA

"Wonderful fun, great people, lovely side visits and so much hospitality and kindness!"

Marree - Cockeysville, Maryland, USA

"Wine cooking, wine cooking. what can I say? Thats it. How great is that!!!"

Richard & Rosemary - Clermont, Quebec, Canada

"We will truly be sad to leave this place but will eventually return."

Deb - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"What an amazing experience. Everything I expected and more"

Jack & Irene - West Islip, New York, USA

"What a wonderful place to be. We had so much fun with new friends, wine, food and love spread through"

Mike & Joanne - Grafton, Wisconsin, USA

"Everyone was so nice and fun! Lots of laughs."

Chris & Ron - Madison, Wisconsin, USA

"We made new friends & were adopted by wonderful Italian family. "

Stephanie & Chris - Findlay, Ohio, USA

"We made new friends and very much enjoyed the classes, cooking and day trips to the remarkable sights."

Jeffrey & Marie - Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

"a week beyond expectation and memories that we'll love as long as life "

Lisa - Houston, Texas, USA

"This has been such an incredible week! Everyone has gone above & beyond to make us comfortable and welcome!"

Irene - West Islip, New York, USA

"There are no words to describe the warmth of friendship of this week. I am fortunate & honored to have shared this week with the CDV family."

Carol - Flushing, Michigan, USA

"The time of my life, a dream come true"

Heidi - Alexandria, Virginia, USA

" It was a truly fantastic & wonderful vacation & our group was great and so much fun!! Thanks for all the memories!!"

Ka Yan Lee - Hong Kong

"Thanks for every moment on this trip! We had such a wonderful time! :)"

Dimitra - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"such an amazing week in Soriano and surrounding area. I truly loved every minute of this experience"

Paul & Darlene - Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

"We will have so many happy memories that will live for long after we leave here."

Rick & Caroline - St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

"You have selected very personable and exquisite wineries, villas and trattorias to visit. The team that you have had made our holiday a wonderful experience"

Nancy & Danielle - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Thank you to everyone at Culture Discovery Vacations for a great week of fun & food."

Lauren - Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

"I have had a wonderful week and have made lovely friends. "

Kimberly & Rob - Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA

"You have made this an unbelievable experience!"

Jenn - La Canada, California, USA

"Thank you so much of the wonderful experience! made this week fantastic and unforgettable. "

Irene - Tokushima, Japan

"This week's been so fun. The food, the people, the tours have all been wonderful."

Alice - La Canada, California, USA

"Thank you for the hospitality; really enjoy Soriano"

Sarah & Chris - Manchester, England

"A truly unique, memorable and heart warming experience. You have ensured we'll always remember with love and affection "

Kathy - Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA

"We all came together as strangers but leave as family ~ very unique & special"

Annette & Lynne - Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

"loved so much your hospitality...met new friends and enjoyed your beautiful country."

John & Carole - Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank you for a great week. Can't wait to come again."

Judith - Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA

"Thank you for a fun week. I enjoyed it all!"

Natalie - Strathavon, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Everything exceeded our expectations."

Mike & Charlene - Hertford, North Carolina, USA

" So much food - but most important - so many new friends."

Diane - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA

"Spectacular job. Coming 'home' was the best ever."

Gina - San Ramon, California, USA

"not enough ink to write everything I'm feeling & the wonderful time I've had best times with new friends"

Christine & Machele - Poway, California, USA

"People come into your life for reasons and become your famiglia. We feel that here with each of you."

Ann, Edward, & Cindy - Brentwood, Tennessee, USA

"So many wonderful memories, fabulous meals and most importantly the making of such lovely new friends."

John & Ruth - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"a dream vacation, thank you to everyone"

Liz - Fairview, North Carolina, USA

"Perfect Vacation - wine, food, friends, and family. A wonderful time I will remember forever."

Denise & Linda - Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA

"Our group was out of control! Thank you for the best vacation ever!"

Connie - New Hampton, Iowa, USA

"OMG - This place is the "bomb". It was "my first rodeo" and it was awesome"

Camille - Fenton, Michigan, USA

"Never change direction!!!"

Catherine - Ajax, Ontario, Canada

"Much thanks for your generosity & thoughtfulness. It has been a great experience!"

Dorothy - Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA

"a very special vacation that I shall remember for years to come."

Alyene - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"More, More, More - Such a great time"

Mayo & Russell - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"a fabulous, wonderful week with new friends in Soriano."

Cindy - Grapevine, Texas, USA

"You have created an experience that is second to none."

Janice - Rockland, Massachusetts, USA

"Many thanks for a wonderful week."

Lainie - New York, New York, USA

"I can't tell you how much this week has meant to me."

Georgeanne - Boise, Idaho, USA

"I had very high expectations when I came here and you exceeded all expectations, hopes and dreams I had."

Elaine & Gary - Lahaina, Hawaii, USA

"You have something wonderful going - keep it."

Harold & Denise - Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA

"Had a wonderful time! So many memories...Great fun in the kitchen with everyone. "

Carol - Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, USA

"Had a great time and met wonderful people. Food not bad either :)"

Kevin & Donna - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, USA

"The tours were fantastic, food so very good and the companions very fun."

Shantae - Townsville, Australia

"The food, the wine, the sites but most of all the people were fabulous."

Doris - Brooklyn, New York, USA

"After many visits to Italy, I have found the best people, best foods and wine and feel I know my Italian heritage after only this one week. "

Reena - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I am going back home with so many great memories, new friends made, new cooking skills & maybe a pound or 2 heavier (wishful thinking!! lol)"

Mark- New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA

"From newbie to alumni / family in a week - what a great week"

Angela & Jim - Hertford, North Carolina, USA

"Food, food, food, food, food.....
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun......."

Jan & David - Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

"Five weeks ago, we were watching Under the Tuscan Sun. Three days later, we were booked with you. We couldn't have made a better decision"

Sue & Jackie - Elmhurst, Illinois, USA

"Don't change directions. Thanks for the most memorable vacation"

Maria & Joe - Ridgefield, New Jersey, USA

"the best time ever...So much fun - loved it!!"

Don & Lydia - Carmel, Indiana, USA

"It's impossible to describe this fascinating & rewarding experience...A true idea of life, friendship and true Italian cooking!"


"Can't think of anything that could've been better. Keep it up!"

Janet - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"Grazie for such a wonderful time, for friends for life"

Dix & Judy - Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA

"Fantastic holiday. great food & wine. Wonderful hosts and guests and terrific guides. "

Annica & Phil - Zeeland, Michigan, USA

" a wonderful vacation. It was just what the doctor ordered!"

Kari - Oakland, California, USA

"The memories will last a lifetime. I can't wait to come back & explore more of Italy w/ CDV."

Jan & Wayne - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"Life is good but Culture Discovery Life is fab!!!!"

Marlene - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

"Can't put into words the fun, love, and friendships I experienced this week. One of the best weeks I have ever spend away from home"

Barbara & Raymond - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania & Pell City, Alabama, USA

"the recommendations on the CDV website and Trip Advisor seemed too good to be true. This week your kindness and hospitality proved the recommendations to be true."

Ray & Jenny - Forestville, New South Wales, Australia

"with good food, good wine & good company. We've had lots of fun & laughter. "

Fernanda - Johannesburg, South Africa

"A big thank you for a week in a lifetime. It was an incredible time spent together with all of you."

Helen - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"6th trip - enough said!!!"

Marna - Johannesburg, South Africa

"What an experience! It exceeded my expectations 100 fold."

Dee and Greta - Edmonton - Alberta - Canada

"Thank you so much for such a life altering experience"

Rosemarie - Simi Valley, California, USA

"Thanks so much for an amazing experience with you guys. We are family!!"

Cathy - Ontario, Canada

"This has been the most amazing vacation"

Bill and Mary - Mahomet - Illinois, USA

We love you all like family and look forward to visit #3.

Maria and Aaron - Chicago - Illinois, USA

"This vacation was a needed break for me & there were so many times I laughed to the point of tears"

Erin & Dustin - Erie, Colorado, USA

"Thank you for an unforgettable vacation - this was obviously the best way to REALLY get to know Italy"

Sally & Bill - Hancock, Michigan, USA

"There are not enough words to tell you ALL how wonderful this week was because of ALL of you!!"

Sapna - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for hosting the best trip of my life"

Bruce and Cozy - Paradise Valley - Arizona, USA

"The people you have gathered, the experiences you've organized, the variety you offer... nothing compares to the ease, friendliness and grace that you offer by sharing your home and family"

Kevin - London, United Kingdom

"...Soriano has exceeded all expectations. La Campana was the perfect hideaway I was hoping for."

Terri - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

"This was such a wonderful experience and fulfilled a lifelong dream of Cooking in Italy and living the Dolce Vita"

Paul and Judy - Atlanta - Georgia, USA

"...and the staff - or should I say your new Italian family - are wonderful."

Lynda and Christine - Prescott - Arizona, USA

"We love Soriano so much, we want to live here..."

Susan and Lynne - Seattle & Arlington - USA

"...we'd like to thank you both for welcoming us into your home. You were gracious, attentive & entertaining! We look forward to continuing our new friendships..."

Indre - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for your amazing hospitality, warmth, generosity and love. You two are truly special. Grazie! Grazie!"

Deana - Tempe, Arizona, USA

"Can't say enough about the most wonderful experience."

Brook - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"Had a remarkable time! Will be taking the experience with me everywhere I go!"

Cheryl - Toronto, Canada

" best vacation yet" - "A side of Italy I would have never seen had I followed a guidebook."

Andrea - London, United Kingdom

"Thank you for an absolutely wonderful week -- the cooking classes, the excursions, the activities, our guides, chefs, drivers, helpers were all fantastic"

Brian & Sharon - Bethany - Ontario, Canada

"Of all the places we've ever visited, this is one place we'll come back to again and again.."

Chirag & Rucha - Chicago, Illinois, USA

"we experienced as authentic a period as possible... similar to how we feel when we go stay with family"

Kathy and Marco - Cleveland - Ohio, USA

"Thank you for our best trip to Italy ever!"

Kelee - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

"Wonderful people, incredible food... wine flows like the river Nile..."

Raffael & Josie - Quebec, Canada

"As we shared each day a new friendship came about."

Russell & Nicole - Houston, Texas, USA

"This has been beyond amazing and we had very high expectations. You've exceeded them all!"

Devi & Pitamber - St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, USA

"Thank you for a very wonderful week - it's been more than we expected."

Brian & Becky - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"...loved, assolutly loved this trip. It encompassed everything we ever dreamed of"
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