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Galleries from individual vacation weeks

Click Here to browse photos from our vacations sorted by location, year and week.

Past guests looking for photos from the week they were with us can find and download photos from our archives on Google Drive . Once there, click on the location you visited. The page that opens will display galleries organized by year. Once you choose the year you were with us, you will see galleries for that location during that year, organized by week an Vacation Number. Find the date of the week you came, and you can view the gallery from your trip.

To download the photos from your week, click on any of the photos in the archive. The photo will open up, an there will be a little down arrow button at the top. Click that to download the photos you would like to keep.


If you recently visited us, you may see a blank gallery for your week. Please understand that some of our hosts are technologically savvy and get the photos uploaded right away, while others are less so, and since they are traveling from location to location, it may take a while before we are able to round up, sort and upload all of their photos.

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