A Message From CDV

Wow, we've been getting countless calls and emails lately related to travel and the coronavirus, of course. They have been coming from future guests wanting to know their options, from people wanting to postpone their trip, and countless family and friends asking us quite simply, "Are we OK?"

Let's face it, a world pandemic has paralyzed the entire travel industry, and so many more. Already, airlines, hotels, tour companies have gone under. Most that have not, have laid off their staff, hoping to survive this however long it takes... and nobody knows what tomorrow will look like, let alone a month or two from now, but we have something on our side. Hope.

So when people ask us if we are ok, well... Yes. Everyone at CDV is ok. We’re we are all self-isolating, and following every guideline beyond what is requested of our respective governments and health officials. Fortunately, none of our team (covering four countries) has tested positive, and none of our friends that we work with have either. So far, so good.

But we are watching it day by day, staying in constant contact with everyone. You see, CDV is a very small company. Unlike a giant airline or Cruise line that does everything in mass business contracts with large corporations, everyone we work with is based on personal relationships. It is about the people, not the business. And that makes this that much more difficult, because we are personally worried about all of our partners. Our friends, and their families. We are all in this together! We like to put it this way. That giant tour company is like Walmart. We, on the other hand, are like the corner grocer that knows you personally, and truly looks forward to sharing stories with you.

Those same partners that are friends, rather than signatories on 200 page contracts are being incredibly flexible with us. We have paid them a great deal of money from deposits and final payments guests have made to us, and they are allowing us to move them to future dates. All while we know each and every one of them is worried about keeping their doors open, and praying for this to end soon. So for that, we feel blessed, because it gives us the ability to let our guests change their dates without losing the payments they have made to us.

Our guests have been so incredibly flexible as well, while we figure out how to work through these unprecedented times. They have been gracious, understanding, and have shown true care. For the most part, our guests have been so incredibly kind, sending words of encouragement to us and gratitude for the flexility we’ve been able to create. And for that, we are truly blessed.

We realize that every month the outbreak lasts, the more difficult it will be on CDV, and every business out there. We've looked at the numbers from every angle, and are doing everything possible to keep from laying anyone off, and will keep that goal as long as possible. And still, we're OK. None of us is sick. So for that we count ourselves truly blessed.

So yes. We feel blessed. And also hopeful. Because we have been crunching every number, and every statistic, and we strongly believe this will run its course, and as we move into summer, this will be behind us. We look forward to sharing some serious bottles of celebratory wine with guests at that point, mixed in with some somber moments of silence.

And until then, we are ok, hopeful, and optimistic! In the meantime, we ask that you stay safe and have hope.

With all of our love and gratitude,
All of us at CDV