Should A Guest Become Ill

Our guests health has always been our top priority. Unlike many other tour companies, we never needed to make new policies or provisions in such a case that a guest of ours becomes ill for any reason during their vacation with us. We always found it so sad that so many tour companies left guests to fend for themselves in foreign countries when a health problem would occur, and now we see so many making new policies to help people feel comfortable after Covid-19. We stick to the simple fact that our guests are friends and family, so all we need to do is what we have always done! So what does that mean?

We have had guests fall ill during our vacations. We have had guests need medical care, pharmacy visits, and hospital stays. It is simply a fact of life. In our 15 year history, we have never left a guest to fend for themselves. Instead, one of our team is immediately dedicated to getting that person all the care they need, all of the time. Whether it is a pharmacy, a doctor visit, or a hospital stay, one of us is there, period. We are there to translate, to help, to communicate with family back home, and help our guest get whatever care they need. In most cases it is a simple doctor visit, but in some rare cases a member of our team has been at a hospital every day with a guest, dealt with insurance company and family communication, airline reservations, and even taken them to the airport to get them on a special medical transport. We believe to leave a guest to figure out how to deal with that kind of thing in a foreign country is unconscionable, period.

So we have no special new Covid policies on this. We have not had to train staff on how to deal with health issues, or organize new procedures. We just did it all along because in our minds it has always been the right thing to do.