Small Groups & Uncrowded Places Matter

Many of the companies in the tour business are now stating that they will limit the size of their groups and visit less crowded destinations as a reaction to Covid-19. That is great, but our groups are already smaller than those new "smaller groups" and our destinations are already significantly less crowded than those new uncrowded places. Simply put, that is who we already are. Some are using catch phrases lick "Small is the new Big," and if that is true, ours should be "Even smaller is the new bigger."

We simply never believed in crowding people to get as many people packed into a bus as possible. We do it so we can build relationships, but if that also helps people in a health-related scenario, we'll just call that a bonus. So if smaller groups and less crowded places is the new goal, please know that is all we have been doing for 14 years.