How We Will Protect Our Guests on Our Vacations

When we were initially hoping to be able to resume operations in later summer and early fall of 2020, we had implemented a plan that is very similar to what everyone has seen during the pandemic. There was to be deep sanitation of absolutely everything, every day, we were prepared to offer masks and hand sanitizer to all of our guests, to sanitize our vehicles between stops, limit the number of people to allow for proper social distancing, do regular temperature checks, regular testing of our team, and much more.

That plan is still ready to the point that we can decide to implement it at a moment's notice at any time in the future. However, given that we are not scheduled to resume vacations until Autumn 2021 we are choosing to remain optimistic that by then many, if not all of this will no longer be a going concern. If this is the case, we will most certainly scale all of that back. However, knowing that people have different comfort zones, we will be sure to make masks and hand sanitizer available to anyone upon request. Our sanitation standards are already extremely high, so that will not be an issue for us. But if Covid-19 is still a concern by the time we start in Autumn 2021, we will be prepared to meet and exceed all CDC and WHO guidelines to fully protect not only our guests, but our team.

In addition, even if the virus has passed, our team will continue to take extra precautions:

  • None of our team will be in contact with any guests or other members of the team if they are sick.
  • Washing hands frequently, with antibacterial soap and hot water, for at least 20 seconds.
  • Using high alcohol hand sanitizer when hand washing is not feasible.
  • Proactively taking supplements to help boost immune system..
  • Covering mouth when coughing with the inside of elbow
  • Getting plenty of rest and sleep.
  • Staying very hydrated
  • Should any CDV team feel even slightly unwell, they will immediately call their primary physician and follow all protocols.

Enhanced Sanitation Standards Even if the Pandemic Has Passed

There are some things our teams and suppliers have implemented that will remain no matter what. For example, our vehicles have been outfitted for full sanitation at all stops. In fact, these standards were not only invented by one of our dear friends and suppliers, but featured on national news in Italy as an example to others. Additionally, all accommodations will continue to have enhanced full sanitation between guests, and those that offer daily housekeeping will give all guests the option to opt out of the housekeeping. No matter what, masks and sanitizer will always be available for those that desire them. Finally, with respect to our cooking classes, our standards already far exceeded even the most strict suggestions, and that will continue.