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What you need for your trip to Italy or Portugal

We know much of the "what you need" info out there has been confusing for many, so we are trying to make it easier. Below we have provided a simple way for you to find out exactly what you need before your trip, during, and for re-entry going home. Please remember that this information is valid as of the date published, and we are going by the published policies of each government (links listed below). As always. everything is subject to change, but we will keep this updated as much as possible. Click below as each item relates to you.


We provide this tool to help our guests figure out what is needed, but things can sometimes change from day to day, so please always check back here and see if there are updates. We also cannot guarantee that we will catch a change in time, but we sure try! Always check with your airline and final destination to be sure everything is up to date. Here are some recent changes in the last week:

  • Sicily now requires an antigen test to be taken at the port of entry in Sicily when you arrive if you have been in USA, France, Greece, Malta, Spain, or Portugal within the past 14 days, regardless of vaccination status.
  • The United States now requires an attestation form to be printed and signed before you fly back. We now provide these for you.
  • Italy now requires an antigen test to be taken within 72 hours of your arrival

Please select your Covid Recovery or Vaccination Status


Please also consult with your airline and other relevant authorities to double check the information we have on these pages. While we have done extensive work to simplify this, we cannot guarantee that things will not change. You can also take an official questionnaire regarding entry into Italy by clicking here. For Portugal, you can get the official details by clicking here.