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PanzanellaBy Alyssa SaltzmanPanzanella was once a "poor man's dish", but has recently become very popular world wide. Using day old bread and whatever you have in the fridge, you can make your very own recipe, but this is our favorite.
Farro Salad with Grilled Vegetables & MozzarellaBy Alyssa SaltzmanFarro (Spelt) Salad is a very popular dish in Italy, especially in the summer. There are countless ways to make it, to the point that no two recipes will be the same. This is one that Paola made one day on the fly, off the top of her head. But she knocked it out of the park, so we couldn't help but share.
Beans from Madonna delle MacchieBy MichaelNot a week goes by in which guests on our tours don't beg for the recipe for the "beans they had at Madonna delle Macchie". So we sat down with Serena's mom and got her to write down the recipe for us. Here it is!
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