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Dark Chocolate Gelato with Peperoncino and Cinnamon

Yields8 ServingsPrep Time40 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time1 hr

A fun and adventurous gelato recipe with dark chocolate and peperoncino

Ingredients for Gelato
 5 oz bittersweet dark chocolate
 7 oz milk
 7 oz heavy cream
 4.50 oz sugar
 ¼ tsp peperoncino or cayenne pepper
 ½ tsp ground cinnamon
Ingredients for Topping
 1 cup whipped heavy cream
 5 tsp powdered sugar
 2 tbsp unsweetened espresso

Chop the chocolate into pieces about the size of commercial chocolate chips


Heat the milk (200 ml / 7 oz) and sugar (125 gr / 4.5oz) in a medium sized saucepan until sugar is dissolved. Do not boil.


Over very low heat, stir the chopped chocolate into the hot milk/sugar mixture.


Whisk continuously until all the chocolate is melted and you have a smooth shiny mixture


Off the heat, whisk in the heavy cream (200 ml / 7 oz) and the crushed chili pepper powder.


Refrigerate until cool


When cool, pour mixture into your gelato machine and follow the instructions for your particular machine.


Whip the cream, stir in the powdered sugar and espresso

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