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Limoncello Babà

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time1 hrCook Time1 hrTotal Time2 hrs

Babà al rum are small yeasted brioche-like cakes swimming in a rum-spiked citrus syrup. They are best when made in advance, making them a great dish to bring to a party.

The Dough
 ¾ cup Manitoba Flour (Manitoba also available on Amazon)
 1 tbsp Sugar
 2 tbsp Butter
 1 ½ tbsp Yeast
 2 Large Eggs
 ½ fl oz Water
The Syrup
 1 cup Water
  cup Sugar
 ¾ cup Limoncello
 3 Orange Rinds
 3 Lemon Rinds
 1 Cinnamon Stick
 2 Cloves
The Dough

Melt the yeast in the water and add 3 tbsp of the flour


Mix ingredients and knead just a little and then leave to rise


In a warm area of the kitchen, cover with foil paper until it becomes double its size.


Using a planetary mixer, blend the remaining flour, the sugar, salt with half of the eggs and mix until the dough becomes smooth.


Add the rest of the eggs, half at a time, mixing well each time.


At this point the first dough (called "The Biga") should be ready. Add it to the mixture in the mixer and let it incorporate until it becomes smooth and silky,


Add the butter, 1 tsp at a time, making sure that each time the dough becomes smooth and silky.


Leave the dough to rest for about 10 minutes.


Grease the molds (use only butter and no flour)


Fill each mold up to 1/3 of its capacity.


Place in an oven dish making sure to leave some space between each mold.


Cover with aluminum foil and leave to rise until it reaches the edge of the mold.


Once ready, take off the paper and leave 10 minutes.


Heat the oven to 350°F (traditional oven) or 325°F (ventilated or convection oven)


Bake for 10 minutes, then take the babà out of the molds, and replace directly on the oven dish and continue baking for another 10 minutes.

The Syrup

Heat water with all the ingredients except the limoncello until the sugar melts. The water must not boil.


When the sugar has melted, leave to cool down.


Take out all the spices and flavorings and add the limoncello.


Soak the babà, making sure the syrup is roughly 100°F. Gently squeeze it and place it in the syrup (as if you were delicately squeezing a sponge to fill it with water).


place each babà on a tray upside down to remove the excess liquid.


You may serve now, however it is best to let it sit for a day.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4