This trip ranks as our number one Italian experience.

My group and personal assessment is a resounding 14 thumbs up!

Written By: Vincent W
Location: North Myrtle Beach - SC - US
Review Source: Guest Book
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Amalfi Coast

Full Review

I thoroughly enjoyed my journey and the entire experience with the Cultural Discovery team. The opportunities to create and then enjoy eating meals at the the Villa were both informative From a culinary perspective and just plain fun. Your entire team displays a wonderful and friendly spirit which engages every participant in such a welcoming and warm environment that all feel a family Type friendship that will never diminish.

I have to recognize every person on the cooking team for their terrific engagement in the act of cooking and the preparation. They all displayed a true love for their respective roles which in today’s world is a rarity. There leader Carla sets the tone and the temperment for this wonderful group of professionals. I love her genuine personality traits that make you feel like she is hugging you with just a smile.

As I move toward the details of our journeys to a variety of venues and cities we were blessed with our Multi-talented hostess with the mostest lovely Linda and our absolutely Best Driver on the planet Sergio. Theses two stars turned our transportation into pleasure trips. Lynda’s warmth and genuine sense of humor Kept our energy soaring and our laughter roaring. Both Linda and Sergio are rare gems in your arsenal of talent.

My wife Donna and I have been to Italy on four separate occasions ( She has been 5 times). This trip ranks as our number one Italian experience. The towns and venues we visited which all were more intimate and personable Than our past visits. This similarity in their respective intimate identities made the interactions more informative and Warm. Although I can only speak for myself (I do have BIG mouth) so I will provide my group and personal assessment Is a resounding 14 thumbs up!

As Michael and Rocky reflected on our new titles under the Cultural Discovery banner Is as follows:
14 nuovi grani amici. Grazie a tutti i membri del Vostro meraviglioso team!
Wishing you all a Happy and. Healthy New year!

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