Truffle Hunting, Pasta Making, Sistine Chapel, and much, much more!

CDV has raised the bar so high ... other tour companies will be a disappointment after this wonderful experience.

Written By: Dee Ann S
Location: Overland Park - KS - USA
Review Source: Trip Advisor
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Coach Tour - Central Italy

Full Review

Just returned from a fabulous 12 days of fun and food in Italy! Our group worked with CDV to combine their Norcia, Soriano, and Rome tours into a customized adventure. The CDV staff attended to every single detail from our arrival until we sadly said arrivederci. Every day was filled with unique activities and amazing meals, wine ... and Aperol Spritz! A few of my favorites included truffle hunting with champion dogs, cooking with Carla at the Villa, dinner & fun hosted by a local family in Norcia, and our private tour of the Sistine Chapel. Most of the other diners in the restaurants they selected were "locals" and the meals were amazing. The hotels were great and our luggage was waiting in our rooms when we arrived. Daniele, Rocky, Alyssa, and Sam got to know everyone in our large group, accommodated many special requests, and provided options for activities so that everyone could have a good time. There was only one problem ... now we are spoiled! CDV has raised the bar so high ... other tour companies will be a disappointment after this wonderful experience ... :o) I look forward to more vacations with Culture Discovery. Thank you for a great time.

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