What To Expect From Italy in August

As you might know, August is an off month for us, we don’t usually offer tours during August for a few reasons.

Kids and Teachers are out of school and the idea of vacation is on everyone’s mind, lots of travelers visit Italy in August.

But there are some things you have to be prepared for. Here are some things you can expect in Italy in August: 

  1. Weather- it is dry and hot in August all over Italy, if you are coming to Italy in August, pack light layers, and be ready to soak up the sun!
  2. Ferragosto- the traditional holiday technically runs from Aug. 15 to Sep. 1. That’s when Italians tend to take their holidays, and when stores and restaurants are often are closed. But while Aug. 15 is a national holiday, the rest of the vacation is up to interpretation. Some establishments close as early as mid-July. Others stay open through the entire summer. Some close for a week; others for the whole month.
  3. Tourist Sites (and traps) will be open- Although having many of the small shops and restaurants closed in Italy’s cities might throw a cramp in your plans, you don’t have to worry about major museums and tourist sites closing. While some might close on Aug. 15, many others don’t. And they certainly don’t close for all of August. Rome’s Colosseum and forum, for example, are open every day in August
  4. Coastal Towns- If you’re heading to Sardinia, Sicily, or the coast of Puglia, instead of mainland, Italy, then you’ll be in luck: Italians come here on their vacations, so stores and restaurants will be open. But that also means that those islands and towns will be packed. And their beaches will be, too!So, have you visited Italy in August? What did you notice? Were a lot of places closed? Was it packed? Was it too hot to bear? Comment your experiences!
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  • Wait so in Italy vacation is in agust Everyone where I live just ended vacation and are in school or working :0

  • Wait so in Italy vacation is in agust Everyone where I live just ended vacation and are in school or working :0