How to Survive a Long Flight : Entertainment

Sometimes you get lucky and your flight will offer unlimited free movies of your choice on your in – seat entertainment, and sometimes your plane has nothing but the back of someone’s seat for you to look at. There are a few things you can do to help the boredom of hours in the same seat.


  1. Charge Up – Make sure all your devices are totally charged up before your flight, although some airplanes have a place to plug in a charger, most don’t, getting on the plane and realizing your iPod is dead is a real bummer.
  2. Bring a Book – International departing flights don’t allow electronics before reaching cruising altitude yet, so keep that in mind, its not a long amount of time to wait, but a book sure helps it go by. Otherwise loading up a kindle with a new book and getting lost in a story helps the time go by.
  3. Make a Playlist – I like to set up a playlist of relaxing music and sounds to have on repeat while I try to sleep. But I also download all kinds of music to listen to on the plane, what better time to give that new album a good listen to than this long flight?
  4. Queue up Shows / Movies – For when you are awake, having your favorite show or movie to watch is really great. Some flights have in – seat entertainment, but you have to pay for most of the movies on domestic flights. I like queuing it all up on my iPad and binge watching my favorite shows. That way I can watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or the entire Harry Potter Series the whole flight over.
  5. Download games on your device – Nowadays tablets and smart phones can hold so much entertainment, that you can play games the whole flight over if you wanted. I make sure I browse the most popular games in the app store before a long flight and download the interesting ones. Games like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, or Solitaire can really keep you busy.
  6. Talk to Your Neighbor – Now I’m going old fashioned on you guys. If sleeping, or giving all your attention to an electronic device doesn’t work, you can always try striking up a conversation with the person next to you. Nowadays we are all very consumed by electronics, and we don’t even consider talking to people that are right in front of us. How many times have you sat next to a person in a plane for 5 hours and never even learned their name?
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  • Another excellent & thoughtful blog! Great tips (especially to fully charge your devices) and the old fashioned, “talk to your neighbor” advice.