5 Reasons our Cooking Vacations are the Perfect Solo Trip

Are you thinking about taking a solo trip, but are afraid of being in a new place all alone? Solo trips are becoming more and more popular among men and women of all ages. Solo travelers can be anyone from a young single who is out exploring the world and find themselves to a middle aged woman who left her partner back home. 

We’ve even had a few solo travelers who told us that their partners and them each take a solo trip of their choosing once a year because their interests don’t exactly match up. So he went on a golfing vacation while she went on a cooking vacation! Traveling solo can be a rewarding experience and wonderful way to get to know yourself on a different level. Forcing you to interact with others, step outside your comfort zone, and be brave; we think solo travelers are awesome.

1. Make Life-long Travel Friends on your Solo Trip

Solo group travel is with us is unique because although you are traveling solo, you are doing so with like-minded people that you can interact with and you are being guided by professionals. We have never had a solo traveler feel left out or like a third wheel, don’t believe us? check out our Trip Advisor Reviews. Most times, our solo travelers make lifelong travel friends with others on our tour and go on to travel with them in the future. Within the first few hours, our solo travelers mix into our group seamlessly, this isn’t by chance, it’s because of the type of traveler that we attract. 

Our guests love their solo trips with us
Solo Trip Review

2. You’ll Feel Like Family In No Time

On the first day of our Cultural Immersion Cooking and Wine Vacations we do a meet and greet with everyone on the vacation, as well as the vacation host, then we enjoy a big dinner together. By the end of that first night, most people forget who came alone and who came with friends or family.Our guests are all so likeminded, that they become friends easily and build a travel community.  

We generally have a great mix of people on all of our cooking vacations, including solo travelers, couples, and groups of friends traveling together. Everything we do is just so laid back, that everyone decompresses right away and we all become great friends. That is what makes small group travel so great, it doesn’t take long to get to know your travel community, your vacation host can spend more dedicated time with each person, and you can get comfortable more quickly. 

A trip advisor review of our cooking and wine vacations in Italy
A Solo Traveler Review

3. You Don’t Have to Pay a Single Supplement for a Solo Trip

People sometimes view a single supplement as some sort of penalty for being a solo traveler. This is not at all the case. Let me explain what the purpose of the dreaded single supplement in solo trips is:

Our pricing is based on double occupancy, which is the standard method of pricing rooms in the travel industry. When we establish the pricing for our vacations, we factor in all of our costs. Such as accommodations, the food, the classes, the excursions, etc. Our accommodations have a fixed cost. So, if a room costs us $800 per week, we factor $400 per person into our pricing, since it is based on double occupancy.

In other words, two people in a room split the cost of that room in our per person pricing. But if you will be alone in the room, there is nobody to split that cost with. Using the above example, we have an extra $400 in expenses for you. This is where the single supplement comes in. We merely pass on this additional expense.

Solo Travelers on our cooking and wine vacations in Italy
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So How Do I Avoid It?

You’ll likely see some companies advertise that they have “NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENT FOR SOLO TRAVELERS”. Well, there’s a catch, see they have the same expenses as we do. This promotion only applies to solo travelers that want to share their accommodation with another solo traveler. 

We offer this option as well, but we think it’s a little sneaky to advertise it like this. And 9 times out of 10, our solo travelers would rather pay a small fee and have their own space. Either way, the option is there, as long as there is another solo traveler willing to share a room. We will pair you together, and give you each others contact information so you can get to know one another. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up being the best of friends and go on to travel the world together! 

A review of our cooking vacation in Norcia
Solo Trip Review

4. You Never Have to Eat Alone

Why is eating alone so intimidating? I could wander around all day long exploring, going to museums, shopping, but the second it comes time to eat alone, I chicken out. Our solo trips are perfect because you can be as alone or as together as you like during the excursions. When it comes time to eating, we are always together.

Every meal is completely included into our price, even the coffees and gelatos are on us. After the cooking classes, we all sit around a big table together and eat what we have just made. When we are out on the town, we all sit together and enjoy the meal with each other. Sharing meals with friends and family is an important part of Italian culture, and this is no exception.

A solo traveler reviews our tuscan vacations
A review of our vacations

5. You Can Do Your Own Thing Without Feeling Guilty

Our cookery and wine vacations are all-inclusive and are jam-packed with cooking classes, activities, excursions, cultural immersion, and perfect photo ops. You can join in on every single activity, most people do. But sometimes, someone has already been to Assisi and would rather stay back from that one excursion to explore, shop or to sleep in. When you’re traveling with others, you may feel pressured to do things that may not interest you. We’re easy going, do what you want, stay back from what doesn’t interest you. This is your vacation so you take the steering wheel and do whatever you want with it.

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