We Tried The Mannequin Challenge

If you haven’t heard of The Mannequin challenge, you probably weren’t very active on social media around the end of 2016. Much like the Ice Bucket Challenge, the Harlem Shake and every other internet trend, it came, it took over the internet, and then it left as quickly as it started.

The basic concept of the mannequin challenge was that someone with a camera would record a bunch of people in their vicinity acting as if they were frozen in action. Everyone would stand perfectly still, no blinking, no breathing, no moving at all until the camera was off them again.

During the April 21 – April 28, 2018 Soriano Vacation, we decided to give the Mannequin challenge a shot.

Our attempt was a pretty epic fail, but we thought it was funny enough to share with you anyway. In all fairness, this wasn’t well explained to all the participants before going for it, so go easy on us.

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