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Italy: Where Even The Graffiti Is Romantic

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If you’ve been to Italy, you may or may not have realized the very real graffiti problem. Such a beautiful country, with historic and significant buildings, covered in graffiti. It drives me insane, you can find some form of vandalism on almost every building in the big cities. But not all graffiti in Italy is created equal, some is actually romantic and quite poetic.

I mean, Italy is an awe inspiring place, think of Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio maybe if they were around nowadays, they would be writing their poetry on walls.

So here are some of my favorite romantic graffiti that I have found throughout Italy, and of course, the translations underneath:

Italian Graffiti 10

Translation: “Dream with me! I love you…”

Location: Soriano nel Cimino


Italian Graffiti 8

Translation: “Little Puppy (sweetie/baby ), I miss you”

Location: Tivoli


Italian Graffiti 6

Translation: Probably not necessary but “I miss you”

Location: Salerno


Italian Graffiti 7

Translation: “Grain (Babe), I love you <3”

Location: Bagnaia


Italian Graffiti 6

Translation: “Ste (short for Stella), I love you forever – Glodu”

Location: Rome


Italian Graffiti 2

Translation: “In order to be happy, I don’t need to dream, It is enough to look into your eyes. I love you”

Location: Viterbo


Italian Graffiti 1

Translation: “Teresa. You are my life. I love you”

Location: Naples


Italian Graffiti 3

Translation: “Welcome to Corbara Love”

Location: Corbara


romantic quote

Translation: “Without you, I am like a Jamaican without Marijuana”

Location: Naples


Italian Graffiti 9

Translation: “My heart explodes because it is so filled with love. I love you because you hit the target (the center of my heart)”

Location: Vignanello


Ok so maybe not quite on the level of Dante, but some of these are pretty deep for graffiti, am I right? Of course these romantic graffitis are the minority, but I have only seem romantic graffiti in Italy.

Have you found similar graffiti anywhere else in the world? Which was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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