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The 10 Best Beaches in Italy

Italy can get extremely hot during the summers, and this year is no exception!

With two consecutive heat waves coming up from Africa, the heat is really getting intense.

This last heat wave, named “Il Caronte” was named after a figure of Greek mythology, Charon, who was the underworld boatman who transported the dead across the flaming river (overly dramatic, maybe?).

The first heat wave generated a new record for electricity usage in Italy due to more people using their air conditioning units more often, however most people don’t even have AC in their houses!

When it gets this hot, there are only two options if you don’t have AC:  head for the mountains, or head to the beach. Personally, I chose the beach – because to me, summer = beach. To help you in your journey to escape the heat in Italy, I have compiled a list of the best beaches all around Italy, in no particular order.

1. Cala Mariolu – Sardinia


This beach in one of many jaw droppingly gorgeous beaches on the Island of Sardinia. Sardinia is often referred to as the Caribbean of Europe, and it’s for good reason! This particular beach is located on the eastern coast and is surrounded by the Golfo di Orosei. The water on this beach is shallow and clear and seems to change shades of blue depending on the time of the day. This is a good place for families and snorkeling aficionados.


2. San Vito lo Capo – Trapani

San Vito lo Capo

Or Saint Vitus Cape in English, is a tiny little costal town in the Trapani area with awe inspiring beaches. In fact, some scenes from the movie Ocean’s Twelve were filmed here in 2004. This is a bit of a secret beach among the local Europeans, and for good reason.


3. Villasimius – Cagliari – Sardinia


This beach was actually voted to be the second most beautiful beach in all of Italy in 2012. About 31 miles from Cagliari in Southern Sardinia is one of the most popular beaches on the Mediterranean. This beach is well known for its golden sand beaches and crystal clear water.


4. Otranto – Lecce


Otranto is a seaside town off the coast of southern Italy within the region of Puglia. Well known for its sparkling blue waters and the white buildings and awesome diving rocks make this a very popular site for tourists and media a like. During the high summer months, however, the beaches can get quite crowded due to its popularity.


5. Vieste – Puglia



Vieste is a small town seemingly spilling off the coast into the ocean. Located in what would be the spur of this boot shaped country, the town itself sits on top of this beautiful beach lined with umbrellas, sun beds, canoes, and pedalos for rent.


6. Cilento – South of The Amalfi Coast


Slightly south of the Amalfi Coast is the the secluded Cilento Coast. With Porcelain sand beaches and clear waters, Cilento offers a relaxed beach experience that is not overrun by tourists. This is one of Italy’s best kept secrets, offering beautiful mountain ranges, untouched beaches, food festivals, historical ruins, and UNESCO sights, the only reason it has not been discovered by tourism is that it is a little more rustic and less obvious.



7. Isola del Giglio – Tuscany



Giglio comes from the Greek work “Aegilion” which means “place of goats” in Greek. Highly regarded for the most beautiful Tuscan beaches, Isola del Giglio offers a spectacular coastline with the turquoise and emerald green waters. It is not only perfect for sunbathing, but also for walks, dining out, swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, hiking and more.


8. Lido Burrone – Favignana – Sicily


The Island of Favignana is only 19 square kilometers and is about 9 miles from Trapani in western Sicily. Lido Burrone is a large beach with crystal water and light thin sand. It is very easy to reach, not far from the town center and ideal for everyone, especially children to enjoy the ocean and the warm weather. (Bonus – Favignana is our home base for our Sicily vacation, and we have a BBQ on this beach during our vacation).


9. Torre Dell Orso – Puglia

Torre dell Orso

In Puglia, Torre Dell Orso is a bay that extends about a kilometer with thin white sand and transparent waters. The beach is within the bay and is the perfect place to escape the heat.


10. Minori – The Amalfi Coast



Minori is a tiny town that usually gets passed driving along the Amalfi coast on the way to Amalfi or Positano, but because of that, the beaches are not over populated by tourists. Just as beautiful sand and waters as all the other beaches on the Amalfi coast, but more beach to enjoy for yourseld. (Bonus – its our home base for our Amalfi Coast location)


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