You can travel to Italy without worrying about the weak Dollar

In the past year, the value of the dollar has fallen 10% against the Euro.  That means if the price of something in Europe has not changed, it costs you 10% more if you earn your money in US Dollars.  In other words, a hotel rate of E.200 per night a year ago translated into $242, and today it translates into $282.  OK, that’s bad.  But if you are considering a vacation in Italy, there is a way to be almost completely unaffected by this with

Culture Discovery is an American company that operates tours in Italy.  We own our own homes, we guide our own tours, and most of our operational costs are in Dollars, not Euros.  Since some of our costs are in Dollars, and some are in Euros, we are largely unaffected by the exchange rate!  This is very important for you, because we can keep you from being affected by the weakening dollar.

Most hotels and tour operators in Italy are completely bound by the Euro.  If they offer you a price in dollars, it is based on the exchange rate, so if the Dollar weakens by 10% against the Euro, they are forced to raise their prices in Dollars by at least 10%.  At the end, you pay in Euros no matter what.  Fortunately, Culture Discovery does not have this problem, and we can protect you against it.

Think about it this way:  If you are from Colorado and are thinking of taking a vacation to California, you would never consider that you might hold off on the vacation if the Dollar is weakening against the Euro, would you?  That is because your dollar is still worth a dollar, whether you are in California or Colorado.  But if you go to Italy, your Dollar is carrying less and less value as the exchange rate weakens it, so the trip is getting more and more expensive even if there is no inflation.  That is not the case if you take a tour.

Our tours are all-inclusive.  We pay for all of the lodging, all of the excursions, all of your meals and all of the transportation.  All you pay is airfare, and that is not rising with the currency exchange.  You pay it all in Dollars, and the price of your tour will not fluctuate with the exchange rate.  So you can take that trip to Italy without worrying about the falling dollar.

Your only expenses once in Italy on a tour with us will be small personal incidentals and gifts.  Of course, those will be affected by the exchange, so we decided to make you an offer.  Since everyone else is raising their prices, and our costs are more or less unchanged, we have decided to LOWER our tour prices by nearly 10% for a limited time.  In other words, if you were to spend $2,500 in gifts and personal items in Italy, it would be as if you were doing it with the exchange rate from 2005!  All other costs are covered by us in the price of the tour.

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