Helpful Italian Words and Phrases

I know that when you are learning a new language, it can be harder than just having the words in front of you, its also about how in heavens name you're supposed to be able to pronounce them! There are a lot of guides, but when you are in the store, or in the taxi and its your time to shine, you … Continue reading

Easter In Italy- The Holy Week

Easter in Italy It may be hard to believe just how important Easter is in Italy, here in the US, its not nearly as big. Easter in Italy is arguably the most important holiday after Christmas. Easter Sunday at the Vatican Processions and Services Processions and services … Continue reading

Man Dies: Caught Cold in Stomach

Traveling to Italy, some visitors notice various oddities about Italian culture that seem to defy explanation.  Some are rooted in the socio-political history of the country, some are rooted in religious tradition, and others... the ones that are often the most seemingly nonsensical,  grew out … Continue reading