4 Italian summer recipes

4 Italian Summer Recipes to Try

It's July, that means there is no denying it, it's officially summer. The days are longer and hotter. You're probably reading this from the comfort of your air conditioned home or office, but in Italy, most people still don't have AC in their homes. Summer calls for recipes that don't require much … Continue reading
PIZZA title

Why Pizza is the Best Food

I've been trying to think of a blog post to write all day long, and no matter what I did, all I could come up with was one word: Pizza. How do I write a blog post on pizza? Pizza is the best food in the world! Do a I write a recipe? A history? Do I order a pizza and see what inspires me? Pizza … Continue reading

Carbonara Recipe

If you've been on our Soriano tour, you might remember Carbonara from our Thursday night class. It's a very rich spaghetti dish made with pancetta, eggs, and a whole lotta cheese :). I wouldn't suggest it if you're on a diet, but if you want to enjoy one of the favorite pasta dishes of the … Continue reading