Authentic Croatia Revealed: Savoring Friendships and Family in the Heart of the Dalmatian Coast!

Welcome to Croatia!

Before getting into the details…Here’s a snapshot of what your vacation week will look like:

  • Arrive at the Split Airport to meet your tour host and your transfer to the hotel in the historical center of Split
  • We’ll have the exclusive use of the 9-Room Hotel Residence Stina- Located in Varos, one of the oldest neighborhood of Split, dating back over 600 years ago!
  • This is a very immersive destination. You will truly be “Living the culture”! While this is our goal is at every one of our locations, this trip in Split nails it to the core!
  • Our Cooking Classes and Culinary Experiences will be featuring local cuisine, made from scratch in private homes and other unique settings throughout the week.
  • Shopping at the traditional open-air markets (Pazar) where the locals shop.
  • Island-hopping to Hvar and Brac.  Along with visiting some historical sites, we’ll also have up-close and personal experiences and engage in “Island-life” with our friends that live there. What they do, we’ll do with them!
  • Visit to historical places like Knin, the flashpoint for the Balkan War for Independence and speaking with those that have first-hand knowledge and experiences from that time.
  • Visit to a centuries-old Serbian Monastery, including lunch with the Orthodox monks/priests that live there on the Krka River on the outskirts of the National Park.
  • You’ll have an exclusive wine-pairing and casual dining experience at a family-run winery that produces some fantastic wines using only the indigenous grapes of the area.
  • The Croatian coastline is some of the most stunning scenery on the Adriatic.  We’ll have wonderful drives along the coast, with the opportunity for you to take some great photos!
  • Besides our cooking classes, you’ll have other “hands-on” experiences at a pottery class with our close friend and neighbor, as well as a very incredible and moving experience with a bee-keeper, that lives a remarkable life in a remarkable way in remarkable surroundings.  You’ll be amazed when you meet this special woman.
  • A dear friend of ours will be hosting us at his private and very rustic ranch in the countryside for an authentic Croatian BBQ Dinner with friends and family.
  • Besides some time on your own for shopping at many of Split’s wonderful stores and boutiques, you’ll also be doing as many of the locals do, which is eating on the go, during our food tour through “Old Town”.  You’ll be meeting a lot of very friendly faces as we make our way through the different food stalls and specialty shops!  
  • And…There’s still more…Read on!
  • The people of Split and the Dalmatian Coast are ready and waiting for you!


Your 8 Day / 7 Night vacation takes you to the breathtaking, historical Unesco World Heritage Site of Split, Croatia.  This will be home-base for the entire vacation as we will be staying at a premier property in the Stari Grad or “Old Town” of the Diocletian Palace.  This is the heart of the city and one of the crown jewels of the Dalmatian Coast.

The Palace was built by a retiring Roman Emperor that was born in a nearby town.  He rose to prominence with the Roman army and eventually was crowned emperor in the latter part of the third century.  He built his massive and fortified palace for his retirement years.  After his passing, and attacks from warring peoples, the palace eventually fell into the hands of the locals that have been continuously occupying the fortified town since the 7th century.  There are still many reminders and historical remnants of its storied past.  You will marvel the many homes, retail stores, restaurants, open-markets, grocers, cafes, bakeries, butchers and bars!

The open environment, the welcoming hospitality of the Croatian people, the gorgeous scenery, incredible history and an amazing up and coming gastronomic scene, made this a very easy decision for us to base as a new destination for us.

Just steps away from the Adriatic Sea, the setting couldn’t be more ideal.  Our hotel is just a short walking distance to the historical center of Split, “The Old Town” or, Diocletian Palace.  Within the stone and marble walls, this town is full of life throughout the day and evening.  Walk through the walled city in wonderment at the bustling city life.  Grab a coffee and a burek on the “Riva” or boardwalk.   Drink some rakija at one of the many watering holes. There’s no better place to get lost in the numerous pedestrian alleyways and suddenly find yourself in a beautiful open square or plaza

Read more and discover the full itinerary…

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