Questions & Answers (Knowledgebase)

Our guests have hundreds of questions about our vacations, and we do all we can to answer them here. Often, while browsing this section, you may find answers to questions you didn't know you even had. If you cannot find an answer here, you may also consider asking a question in our forums by clicking here, or chat with us on our Slack Channel by clicking here. You may also email or call us by visiting our contact page

Drive around Italy in extreme comfort in our CDV bus.

Questions About Cuture Discovery

Answers to many questions guests have about our company and our vacation packages.

A photo opportunity among sunflowers under the Tuscan sun can never be passed up

Planning for Our Vacations

Tips to help our guests plan for CDV vacations they have reserved.


Cultural Experiences on Our Tours

A list of some of the unique cultural experiences guests often encounter on our vacations. Many of these are what we call CDV Bellissima™ exclusive experiences, meaning these are very unique experiences that are absolutely exclusive and usually only possible to do with a Culture Discovery vacation. Often these are the result of the strong personal bond we have established with the locals, allowing us to experience things with them that they never do with anyone else.


Destinations We Visit on Our Tours

Details about many of the destinations we visit on our vacations.

A group the day after night fishing, taking in the breathtaking crystal water of Favignana, Sicily

Travel Advice

Travel advice compiled from our years of experience and knowledge of the areas we visit.