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Castelluccio Lentil SoupBy MichaelCastelluccio, although a tiny village, is well known in Italy for its lentils, in fact, we visited this town specifically for its lentils on our Norcia tour.
Carla’s Caramelized OnionsBy MichaelOn Thursday evenings at Villa Eddarella on our Soriano vacations, one of the dishes we serve is this incredibly simple, but delicious onion dish. Not a week goes by that guests don't ask Carla for the recipe, so here it is!
Capricciosa SausagesBy MichaelCapricciosa sausage is a Sicilian sausage that is filled with pork, as well as mozzarella and caciocavallo cheese.
CannoliBy Maggie BurjelLearn our Cannoli Recipe from our Sicily Cooking Vacation - irresistible!
Canederli Dumplings with Taleggio SauceBy MichaelCanederli are bread dumplings found in the north east of Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli, and part of the Veneto area. They are similar to the German and Austrian "knodel" or the Jewish "Matzoh ball".
Bolognese SauceBy MichaelThis is the perfect bolognese sauce, it goes wonderfully inside of a lasagna, on top of your favorite pasta, ravioli or tortellini. Make it for the holidays and impress everyone with your perfect bolognese sauce.
Beef Braised in Barolo WineBy MichaelBarolo wine is a rich and popular wine from Northern Italy. Braising the beef with this wine sauce adds a complexity to the dish that you can't get with other wines.
Balsamic Vinegar ReductionBy MichaelBalsamic Vinegar glaze is so versatile and can be used on both sweet or savory dishes, the best part is that it is super easy to make at home!
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