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Meet Your New Portuguese Family
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Imagine Visiting Family in Portugal...

Our guests are guests, not clients. They discover the true Portugal that so few fully experience. They live like locals and learn the the passion for Portuguese country cooking and wine in Northern Portugal, the home of Port wine.

Our small group All-Inclusive Portuguese Culinary, Wine & Cultural Vacations offer the magical experience of Portuguese culture like no other vacation. They are personal and intimate, with very small group sizes that so we all become close friends. We live among the locals, shop with the villagers, explore like the Portuguese.

Experience Portugal Like a Local...

We experience a truly real Portuguese experience that other "tourists" completely miss out on. Our vacations are about living the Portuguese life. While others come to Portugal to see the sights, our guests live the lifestyle of those sights. Each Portugal Vacation is a once in a lifetime experience with a wonderful balance of sightseeing, cooking classes, culinary and wine excursions, and unique cultural experiences. Most of all, our guests get a local experience like visiting family.

Hands-On Cooking Classes, Farm to Table Food

Most cooking classes you find are "demonstration" classes, or perhaps you prepare one dish of the meal. We do it the way we do with family! We all get together in the kitchen and have a cooking party of sorts. Everyone is as involved as they wish to be in every aspect, and we make full meals at every class. Our instructors are true locals, teaching recipes they learned from their grandmother, the same way they would pass those recipes on to their own family. To take it a step further, we are all about farm-to-table cooking. That means that we may go outside with you to the garden to pick the veggies we need for a recipe. It may mean that the cheese we are using in a dish was actually made by you yesterday! We have a strict policy that every possible ingredient that can be locally sourced, is... no matter what.

All-Inclusive Without Cutting Corners...

Unlike most other Portugal Tours, ours are truly all inclusive. When you are with us, you become part of our family... visiting friends. After all, no good host would ever ask visiting friends and family to pick up a tab, so

we will never ask you for money once you are with us. We will never sell you anything, nor offer additional options. Everything is included in the base price, period.

What we mean by everything will shock you. We always have something going on, and it is always included in the price. If we are not cooking, we are out on sightseeing excursions, Port winery tours, visiting with local artisans, etc. All with a balance between off the beaten path hidden treasures, and more popular destinations. We include all cooking classes, excursions, food & wine, transportation, transfers... everything from the moment we meet until the moment we hug our goodbyes. There is nothing else quite like it, because the main ingredients in everything we do are fun, friends, and family. So come and recharge with us as you make some of the most enduring and fantastic memories of your lifetime.

We Are Not Resellers

As you browse the Internet, almost every company offering tours in Portugal is reselling vacations offered by 3rd parties. We are the only international organization that operates directly. Furthermore, we were the first to offer all-inclusive immersive vacations. All of this since 2006, born out of a simple concept that we could change the way people travel if we simply treat them the same way we have always treated our own visiting family.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

A lot of this can just sound like marketing hype. We get it, but we really are the real deal. We truly operate like a big family and bring you right in, as though we have known you for years. Have a look at all of our reviews on Tripadvisor, Google, Yelp, as well as countless actual letters guests have written us. We are honored to have received thousands written testimonials, and more than 1151 unbiased reviews on review websites with an average of 5 out of 5 () stars. In fact, on TripAdvisor alone, we are one of the highest rated companies in Europe, and one of a very select few in their "Hall of Fame", having consistently achieved their certificate of excellence every year they have offered it. Better yet, if you are on Facebook, join our fan page and talk with us, plus thousands of our past guests!

Our Vacations In Portugal

The Duoro Valley, where grapes are grown that are destined to become Port Wine.
Porto, Portugal

Portugal – Family, Culture, Wine & Cooking

A week of true cultural immersion & local traditions with the wonderful people of Portugal. Discover Port wines in Porto, explore the Douro Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site, breathtaking towns, & cook local dishes.