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Browse through the hundreds of reviews and testimonials our guests have left us on various review websites, in letters they have written us, and more. These wonderful words are the result of our core value: Our guests are to been treated as visiting friends and family, not customers.

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"Amazing Soriano "

The trip in Soriano was fantastic. The CDV people were so much fun and made you feel like family.

"Under the Tuscan sun incredible trip!"

An amazing experience with opportunity to soak up Italian culture through the wine tastings, food and fun cooking classes. Professionally handled by an exceptional tour leader Massimo. Fantastic

"Best Trips Ever"

The Amalfi trip was our second one with CDV and it was just as special!

"Amazing Trip"

First time in Tuscany, first time in Italy. Everything was more wonderful that I imagined.

"Attention to Detail"

The whole trip/experience is very well planned and execution is flawless. All aspects , whether it be the accommodation, meals, cooking classes, transport etc are very well planned.

"The Best Sicilian Vacation"

The sense of 'family' while exploring Sicily. The food and wine and meeting such wonderful people who hosted us all. So many great laughs with a group of people who melded so well.

"Laughing, learning, and loving!"

We had a fabulous time laughing, learning and loving! The family made us feel so at home. Linda, Philaminia, and the entire family were delicious, delightful and lovely. Getting to know this special

"Fantastic Trip!!"

We enjoyed everything about this journey, the people, the food, the wine, the itinerary and Lorenzo, our guide!!!

"Fantastic Trip!"

Great host, fun classes, fabulous excursion and outstanding food and wine!


Another incredible trip! Never had we experienced such a great time with our family of CDV!!! Rocky is like a brother!!! Our friends Mary and Bruce Jiorle are our CDV companions as well!!!

"Tuscany "

Massimo was absolutely wonderful - caring, knowledgeable, patient. Hotel was top notch. Chef great. Tour days full, bus could have been more comfortable for tall people. Omit last dinner.

"Food, Fun, Friends anew, ...FANTASTICO!"

Massimo was the ultimate 'little brother' guide and host! The excursions were enjoyable, the cooking classes a blast, and the scenery everywhere we went was breathtaking!