All In the Family

Great family trip. Amazing food and wine. Best of all, fantastic people in Italy and on the CDV team.

Written By: Chuck A.
Location: CUSTER - SD - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Family
Itinerary: Bologna

Full Review

This was our 3rd CDV trip.  We knew after our first trip that travel to Italy could not be better than doing it with CDV.  The CDV team takes all of the  stress and worry out of travel to Italy.  All that is left is a full week of wonderful and amazing.  Our first trip was to Soriano.  Our second trip was Barolo.  And this family trip was to Bologna.

We talked about making a family trip to Italy after our second trip.  It took years to plan it and coordinate everything on our end.  Then we approached CDV and they took care of the rest.  They were incredible from the start and that continued all the way through our trip and now after.  This is truly an immersive experience with some fantastic cooking classes.  

A CDV trip is not a sight seeing tour.  Although we experienced some amazing sights.  A CDV trip is not a cooking class vacation.  Although we experienced some amazing cooking with a Michelin rated Chef.  A CDV trip is not a wine tasting vacation.  Although we experienced amazing wines and food at actual operating wineries (not a wine tasting room).  The difference is emotional.  We did not take a tour of a museum.  We went to a museum with Maggie (our CDV host and person we developed a relationship on an emotional level).  We did not have a cooking class with a Michelin rated Chef.  We went to our dear friend, Andreas, place and we cooked together, strolled through his private garden, and had a 3 hour lunch together.  We did not do a wine tasting at a Chianti vineyard.  We went to Francesca's home and walked and talked about life, and wine and owning a winery in the most awesome part of the Chianti region.  Then we shared a 3 hour lunch and drank some amazing wines.

And this continued throughout the entire time we spent in Italy.

A vacation with CDV is something you will feel on a deep emotional level, as well as experience with all of our other senses.  

As for me, I will choose to visit my family in Italy (the CDV team) at every opportunity.

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