An Awesome Experience

Plenty of Food, Wine, and Fun! It was as promised, an immersive experience with what turned out to be a great group of people. Our Host Valentina, drivers Roberta and Alex, and the hotel staff!!!!

Written By: Allen J.
Location: Alexandria - VA - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Chianti Tuscany

Full Review

Full disclosure: this trip was not my idea. My wife talked to some friends who had signed up and she thought it would be fun. Mind you, I am not the biggest fan of Italian Food, nor cheese, and not really a wine as a first choice kind of guy, but I do believe in making my wife happy, so I agreed to come along.

I read the website before we left and I read the correspondences sent from CDV and later from the Host (Valentina). My best advice, read the information that is provided and believe what they tell you. (This includes the packing lists!) If you do not like what you read, it may not be your type of vacation, but if you get excited reading the website, you are in for a vacation unlike any other I have been on, and maybe you as well.

We were busy everyday, there was always something to do. The group you will be with will only be strangers as long as you allow them to be. Our group mingled quickly, with Valentina's help, and interacted almost immediately and the fun proceeded on from there. Just as advertised, there was lots of laughing, and talking, and cooking and wine tasting, and eating! I did not eat everything, but you don't have to, and I was never hungry. The wines are so plentiful and diverse, I barely missed my bourbon! It is not your traditional vacation, and it is not meant to be. If the pace got to be too much, you can, and some did opt out, but I couldn't, I did not want to miss a thing. (Part of my FOMO - fear of missing out.)

It was a fantastic time, and there were surprises I will not reveal here, and it truly exceeded my expectations for which I will always be grateful. The staff, the drivers (Roberta and Alex), the Chef (Simonetta) and all the winery owners, and especially our host, Valentina helped to make this experience "The Trip of a Lifetime!"

Highly Recommended!!!    

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