An incredible Journey around the island of Sicilia

Travelling with a Sicilian provided a unique perspective on Sicilian living, values and culture.

Written By: Valerie Frances M.
Location: Markham - ON - CA
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Sicily - Mailnand

Full Review

Where do I begin to thank you, Massimo, for an incredible journey around the island of Sicily. Your warmth and hospitality made our vacation so special.

From the first day, when I received your generous welcoming hug, I knew that I was home, even if it had taken me years to arrive in my family's place of origin.

Travelling with a Sicilian, who takes pride in his country, was a stroke of luck (or genius on the part of Culture Discovery) because your pride made you eager to show, to explain, to invite us to embrace every aspect of Sicilian living: the food, the family-centred way of living, the language, the landscape, the appreciation of the simple things in life that make us happy. 

You alone are worth this trip, Massimo. You are a naturally affectionate human being and your love and respect were felt by everyone in the group. You took time to attend to each of us and we all felt special. You had me laughing and crying, sometimes in the same breath.

I hope that we see you again soon. I am missing those hugs already and, as I put together our photo album of the holiday, I am longing to return. You have certainly sparked my interest in discovering my roots.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Culture Discovery for a wonderfully orchestrated trip.

Valerie M

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