Beautiful and fun Favignana

The nicest people I have ever spent time with !

Written By: Rosalie L.
Location: Port St Lucie - FL - USA
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Sicily - Favignana

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Favignana was my 3rd vacation with CDV. I loved them all, but this was probably my favorite. Everything from the hosts Ivano and Sophie to the food and the kitchen staff to the "singing fisherman" to the island itself was the "bomb" ! I ate so much I gained 5 pounds - maybe a little more :) 

It's almost hard to explain how wonderful this trip was. The "outings" were great and everywhere we went, we felt and were treated like family. Nonna Rosalia helping with pizza and standing over me watching and directing was phenomenal (when she met me and found out my name was Rosalie, it was instant love !)

The fishing trips and crew were so much fun and great cooks. Lunch and dinner on the boat was a very special time. And don't get me started on the kitchen staff at Ivano's beautiful villa - fun and wonderful cooks. I have made arancini with my family and they all loved it. We had an "assembly line" just like in Favignana ! 

Every CDV trip has been great and I am going back again this summer because I can't miss my Italy fix. Looking forward to many more trips with my CDV family.

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