Best Experience Ever!

Set aside any skepticism you have about the over-the-top online reviews...they are absolute genuine and accurate!

Written By: Marc M.
Location: Conestogo - ON - CA
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Sicily - Favignana

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Even after being home for 3 weeks, we cannot stop talking about our trip.  More than a vacation, it was a true cultural immersion that will stick with us for a lifetime.  CDV and the local hosts are what made it so special.  Rocky at the head office was exceptionally helpful; he even checked into some obscure flights option for us.  The regular communications from CDV were timely and thorough...a tremendous help in preparing us for the experience. 

Every activity was interesting and hands on.  We did not watch someone make ricotta cheese or two kinds of sausage...we rolled up our sleeves and made it ourselves.  The number and length of cooking classes was exactly what we'd hoped for.  And every experience taught us something...about history, wine, architecture and so on.  The itinerary is perfectly constructed to allow for plenty of down time or personal excursions. 

From the moment we arrived to the moment we left Sicily, our hosts were amazing.  We felt like we made new friends.  We highly recommend CDV and this particular adventure!

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