Better Than Imagined

Italy was more beautiful and rich in history than I ever imagined. The memories made from cooking with locals and experiencing their genuine love for others is something I will forever cherish.

Written By: Cheryl P.
Location: Shavano Park - TX - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Bologna

Full Review

The moment I met Mimmo, our guide, I knew we were in good hands and had a dear friend. He was kind, knowledgeable and anticipated our every need. I expected to explore the rich history of Italy and was not disappointed. There were dozens of unforgettable moments… cooking with Chef Andrea, savoring balsamic with Lorenzo, wine tasting, churches, restaurants, cars, and unique shops. What touched my heart the most and made Italy unique from any other place I’ve vacationed, was the fellowship of amazing people who literally embraced us and loved us as family.

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