Big John's Review

The food and wine were a total amazement each day. The sites visited were very suitable and very interesting The accommodation locations were excellent T he Cooking classes were very informative

Written By: John D.
Location: Innisfail - Qld - AU
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Solo Traveler
Itinerary: Sicily - Mailnand

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Massimo is an amazing Host/Tour Director he really became a member of my family and he made us all a member of his family. Absolutely, nothing was too much trouble for this wonderful man. His connection with all the Tour Guides, Accommodation Hosts, Restaurant owners, Cooking Tutors was beyond amazing. (it seemed that he was a long time personal friend of all of them). The food and wine at every meal was excellent. The cooking classes were brilliant.

The accommodation locations were superb, The facilities  were great except in one place the shower was too small for me.

One thing I would consider is the tour though the markets in Palermo (fish part) If all the fish stalls were in the same place and separated from the food area it would be much more appealing.

An EXCELLENT TOUR well worth it's price, the experience was actually cheap for the experience we received.

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