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We've traveld fairly extensively in Italy and previously taken two culinary tours there. Nothing, nothing compares to Culture Discovery.

Written By: Barolo Ron
Location: Madison - WI - USA
Review Source: Trip Advisor
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Soriano - Cities Lost in Time

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Our Culture Discovery tour brings to mind the famous Sophia Loren quote, "All you see I owe to pasta," which can be paraphrased to "this goofy grin on you see on my face I owe to Culture Discovery." The cooking classes were a blast. Enjoying the works of our labor at the outside eating area overlooking the stunning landscape was a scene you dream about. Lodging in medieval Soriano was so cool. Walking up the hill through two arches then more steeply uphill past the church and down hill where the narrow twisting street turned into stairs, then up a small hill through a tunnel and across a short bridge to our lodging was so much fun. The tours are well planned. The restaurants, wineries, and olive oil mills we visited were smaller family run businesses. They put their hearts and souls into their food, wines, and olive oil. A great feature of Culture Discovery is that you can participate as much as you like. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and accepting which allows group dynamics to flourish. Although it sounds like overstatement the group does develop into a "family" during the week. We've traveld fairly extensively in Italy and previously taken two culinary tours there. Nothing, 
nothing compares to Culture Discovery. You are cooking in Villa Eddarella, Michael's home. A sense of intimacy, comfort, and familiarity developes. I urge anyone who has an interest in Italian food and culture to seriously look into experiencing a Culture Discovery week. You won't be dissappointed. Really, Michael underdescribes the experience on the web site. Buon appetito and ciao.

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