Never Strangers, Rather, Friends You're about to Meet!

Happy, engaged people doing what they love, being taught by capable, friendly folks. That's a CDV vacation!

Written By: Robert K.
Location: Fairhope - AL - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Couple
Itinerary: Bologna

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It was with some apprehension that Val and I booked out first CDV trip. What if we got stuck with a bunch of folks who really weren't as interested in the food and culture of Sicily  or Bologna as we were? What if there were a hoard of complainers whose expectations were not met, and they groused all the time? What if they just weren't friendly?

Now, looking forward to our third CDV adventure, what we have consistently found are happy engaged folks who revel in the adventure of visiting the country home of two mothers-in-law to learn how to make lasagna with pasta colored green with foraged nettles, loved tasting 50 year old balsamic vinegar and lunching with its creator, and creating a meal with a Michelin star chef. People who knitted a "Where's Waldo " hat for our tour guide, Danielle, and sang on the bus ride  home with Mimmo from a visit to a small proscuitto producer. People who still exchange Christmas cards after being together for just a week. CDV extends a huge amount of effort to make each trip special, and to exceed expectations. They have never failed to delight us, and could not recommend them more highly. Go ahead, take the plunge. There are new friends and amazing experiences waiting for you!

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