Radda in Chianti

Such a great group and a great trip!

Written By: Mary Elizabeth B.
Location: Wilmington - NC - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Solo Traveler
Itinerary: Chianti Tuscany

Full Review

Just got back from my Radda in Chianti trip (under the Tuscan Sun).  When can I move to Italy?!  This is my second trip with CDV, and it was just as great as the first one.  Remember how they say you'll never go hungry or thirsty?  Trust them on this one!  I was traveling alone and was perfectly fine.  This is a great way to travel alone.  We were a great group, and we had so much fun together … and then there was Illaria (our host) … she is WONDERFUL!  She's a joy to be around, and she took amazing care of us.

It's a very full week, so be prepared to be exhausted by the end of it.  Enjoy the great food, the great wine, the lovely vineyards and sights we visited, and the truly lovely people we met at each one.  Next time … Amalfi maybe? :)

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