Rome, Assisi, Soriano (Viterbo)

The hosts, guides (Danielle and Rocky) were excellent tour guides. They exceeded my expectations and more. They have such great sense of humor. I felt treated like a guest and not a tourist.

Written By: Maribel W.
Location: Onalaska - WI - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Custom Tour

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I have the best accommodations both in Rome and in Assisi. The food were amazingly delectable and delicious! And the wine, my gosh! It almost never stop coming in. Wonderful travel friends. It was more than just a trip for me. The places we traveled to made found myself within myself! It was a complete retreat! The connections with the people I traveled with will be forever be carved in my heart and reminisce with joy!  Thank yo so much Rocky and Danielle for a great experience. You provided the true meaning of  connections, family, and friends.

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