The Sicilian Experience with Massimo the GREAT and the Magnificent Maggie!

Great scenery, incredible history, unforgettable people and amazing food!

Written By: Wendy H.
Location: Cary - NC - US
Review Source: Website
Type of Traveler: Friends
Itinerary: Sicily - Mailnand

Full Review

We had the great experience of our 2nd CDV tour in Sicily just a few weeks ago and I am still living in the memories of such a good time.  I would have never thought I could enjoy another tour as much as our initial CDV vacation in Soriano 10 years ago but Sicily with Massimo and Maggie did not disappoint!  I have had 10 years to embellish a phenomenal Soriano trip with fond memories so saying that Sicily met or exceeded my expectations says A LOT!  I would highly recommend this CDV experience.  I can count myself as one of the great new fans of SICILY and the Sicilian people!  Thank you so much Massimo and Maggie!

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